Personal Training Wrexham

Personal Training chester

Lee on the Boxing Pads

As of March 2015, I am looking for a small amount of personal training clients for Friday evenings, Saturday and Sunday mornings.
I train and work from IPC gym in Wrexham.

I specialise in high intensity fitness training, strength training, sport specific training and martial arts.

I love teaching martial arts.  I need to make it clear however that I do not have any specific martial arts qualifications, but I have had 8 MMA Amateur fights and 1 kickboxing fight.

I do have a first class degree from Loughborough in Sport & Exercise Science
A Master’s Degree in Exercise & Nutrition Science from the University of Liverpool.
17 years experience of weight lifting.
5 years experience of working in the fitness industry
15 years experience of training in martial arts.

I don’t like ‘before and after pictures’ but check out Lee before and after he started training with me –

Here is a video of me training Lee on the pads:

Here is a video of some of my comps and fights:

Personal training is £20 per hour session.

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