Finishing a Double Leg Shot From Underneath a Sprawled Opponent

This is tricky, mainly because it’s very difficult to ‘feel’ what ‘hooks’ and holds your opponent has secured – something which comes with experience.

Don’t shoot and then turtle up if you don’t secure the takedown straight away.

I tend to shoot and anticipate the sprawl and immediately look to reach over and around the underhook. Unfortunately I can’t find a video to demonstrate this:

Shoot and immediately base on your right hand
Rotate clockwise and throw left hand over opponent’s right arm – rotate and go to his back.
– This only works if opponent has an underhook, or really loose overhook on your left armpit/arm.

It looks a bit like this (see the video not the preview image):


And like this, but ideally you won’t have to stand up:

– If he doesn’t have underhooks, but is sprawling hard, try and secure a leg with one hand
– Post with the other and rotate towards the leg
– Hook leg with your foot


From the over under position, you can try and do the same -reach over and around the underhook,

The Danger with the reach-over counter to the underhook, is that he will try and flip you with the underhook – so be ready to drop your weight on it instead.

  • You can trap the underhook, drop your weight towards it and rotate the opposite way:


If you have a hold of one of the legs:

If you grab the foot in between his legs, rather than to the side, then rotate the opposite way – taking your bum towards the free leg so that your pulling his feet together

If you catch the outside leg, as in the video above, but can’t finish, pull the leg through the middle and rotate the opposite way

If he sprawl with no hooks, capture his arms by sinking your elbows right back, then sit through


I thought this was a nice takedown:


Finally, if it’s BJJ or MMA and you feel any forearm pressure around your throat, you have to fight like mad to pull it off your throat and sneak a hand inside.
Definitely know how to defend the guillotine and the reverse rear naked choke:

I have no idea how to defend this once it is locked in – just don’t ‘pause’ and think in the turtle position after a shot, rotate, knee slide, or get out of there – don’t wait for him to choke you or take your back!

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Joe Rogan Experience – Jon Jones Episode 880


Notes from memory – please listen to the podcast yourself and let me know if there are any errors below:

Jon talks about crashing and running off because he had a pipe (I think he called it a ‘bull’?) in his car, for smoking cannabis (witnesses say he also ran back to grab a load of cash – allegedly – not sure how reliable the NYpost is).

Jones says he wasn’t clear headed and only had a few hours sleep before driving.

He says he used to go and party a lot. He would buy everyone drinks. His phone would be constantly ringing at the start of the weekend. Doesn’t mention cocaine. He drinks Red Bull when he goes out now.

Jon says he used to smoke a lot of weed, but doesn’t want to do it anymore

Jon says he will consider going for the heavyweight belt at some point

Jon says he is loving training more BJJ

Jon says he took an “off-brand Cialis” which he got from a teammate.

Jones says he didn’t know he couldn’t take or had to disclose the Cialis to USADA. Says he took viagra before without any issues.

Jon says he used to get drunk before fights.


Joe takes his side on the drug test and the cialis, suggesting that his 12 month ban was unreasonable.

Jon makes the logical fallicy – ad hominem – suggesting that people shouldn’t criticise or question him because they are no better. Joe Rogan challenges him on this.

Jon thinks that God won’t give him a son until his is mentally mature enough – he has 4 girls 

Personal Note –
Jones didn’t admit to messing up, just externalised ownership for all his problems or made excuses like “I wasn’t clear headed”. I still warmed to him in the podcast, he seems a decent guy – who wouldn’t go a bit wild with fame and admiration so young?

He tested positive for Hydroxy-clomiphene and Letrozole. Hydroxy-clomiphene is used by bodybuilders, after a course of steroids to increase Luteinizing Hormone, which in turn allows the body to kickstart it’s own testosterone production which has likely been shut down by the steroids. It’s not normally in cialis tablets.

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Joe Rogan Experience with Alex Jones

Eddie Bravo was on this podcast too:


Alex Jones is a commentator on politics and is regarded as a conspiracy theorist. He has a growing following after some of his theories have turned out to be true. He is pro-Trump.

They talk about how the internet is killing television and mainstream media

They talk about Anthony Weiner and how Alex had stated before he was arrested that he was into ‘underage’ movies etc.

The rest of the podcast is either crazy or eye-opening…Alex would say
“mah sources tell me that…” and go on to describe some crazy sounding stuff, including:

They discuss Buzz Aldrin saying that there was a monolith on Mars – which might actually be true by the looks of it more info

Barrack Obama is apparently a big fan of gay prostitutes – there is a book related to this theory

They discuss the CIA drug trafficking –  Wikipedia link

American troops allegedly protecting opium fields

Doppler Radars controlling the weather

Alex Jones says there is a nuclear reactor in Texas

Alex says we did go to the moon, but the video footage is probably fake

I don’t want to really go into too much detail for anything else, as I don’t want my blog showing up for some of the potential search-terms. Please have a listen yourself!

I wasn’t too sure about Alex Jones, and thought maybe he was just a big, charismatic character – They’re always trying to flog bodybuilding and health supplements at the same time as talking politics; which seems odd.
The Infowars store is here.

Who knows though, the true is out there…maybe beings from another dimension are speaking to us…


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Joe Rogan & Robb Wolf



I’m paraphrasing here, so please check the podcast if you get time

Robb says that he uses the sauna for recovery after BJJ and it makes a massive difference.

He uses ice baths occasionally, but doesn’t find the same benefits in terms of recovery as he does with saunas.

The sugar industry back in the 1950s bribed scientists to blame saturated fat for heart disease etc.

Sugar is now regarded by nearly all nutritionists as terrible for health. See article here.

Sugar with saturated fat, is still regarded as , really, really bad for you.

Palmitic acid can be produced if you eat so much carbohydrate that all the muscle glycogen stores and liver glycogen stores are full. Palmitic acid can cause insulin resistance (i.e. diabetes). Study here.

Intermittent fasting still may be slightly ‘speculative’ but in theory it’s a good way to make your body utilise fat stores and experience  a small increase in ketones – thus avoiding palmitic acid production.

Information from a different podcast – it takes around 2 weeks to become ‘ketone-adapted’. You will feel pretty bad for the first 2 weeks of dropping down to less than 50g of carbs per day.

Robb has around 100g of carbs to fuel BJJ sessions. (see/listen to 1hour 25 minutes into the podcast)

Robb has MCTs with caveman coffee, peanut butter and either soya lecithin or sunflower lecithin

The Paleo community don’t really like peanuts – legumes do have some immunogenic properties i.e. they can influence the immune system, thanks to the anti-predation chemicals that are in them. If you have any gut/stomach issues, then avoid eating too many.

Ibuprofen is bad for gut bacteria and increases the risks of heart attacks and strokes


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Sleep Deprivation & Insomnia – Some Helpful Tips (hopefully)

*For Informational Purposes only*

Everyone I know is struggling with sleep at the moment, oh and me too – a little. Wake up for a pee and can’t get back off to sleep…


Chronic sleep deprivation can result from or result in (confusingly) depression & anxiety, and obviously takes its toll physically too.

Here are some quick tips – I hope they help

Magnesium For Better Sleep

First thing I would try – high dose magnesium. There is a lot of research on how it is beneficial for anxiety generally and also sleep.

It can also help to treat some of the physical symptoms that can occur as a result of sleep deprivation including inflammation and depression.

Magnesium glycinate is good if you have problems with your stomach at all – as other forms of magnesium can make you a bit loose in high doses.  There is a drink you can make with magnesium citrate if you don’t like tablets.

Not sure of the level of research supporting their use but epsom salts definitely work too, but just be mindful of dehydration – fighters use epsom salts for weight cutting. There are also magnesium sprays.

Minimise Blue Light Exposure From Computers & Mobile Phones

Try not to use your mobile after 8pm (or 2 hours before bedtime) and look to get a blue light filter or browser plugin for your computer – like Get Flux.

Lavender Oil For Relaxation & Sleep

I’ve personally never tried this one (just ordered some though), but there is some research on this to say it helps + a load of good Amazon reviews which is always (overly) convincing

This review of scientific research on lavender oil and sleep concludes:

Early results appear promising but they should be viewed with caution. More scientifically rigorous and adequately powered trials are needed to investigate the true effect of lavender oil aroma inhalation on sleep.

Listen to White Noise or Waves

Waves works for me, white noise makes me see really mad colours (when my eyes are closed), which is cool but not especially helpful. I’ve tried to use this video for meditation several times, and each time I fall fast asleep before the end.

Meditation For Sleep

If you can get passed the voice (non-judgement being an important part of meditation!) then this track is helpful…insomnia seems to be associated with ‘many thoughts’ and overthinking, so mindfulness and meditation is a difficult, but obvious path to follow

Other Supplements for Sleep

People like supplements for sleep (including me) as its a quick-fix – not a criticism, it’s just easier…especially when you’re knackered –
Melatonin – I don’t know too much about this to be honest, apparently there are safety concerns, more info here –

Bali Kratom, Kava Kava & Phenibut – All 3 are highly effective, but I can’t vouch for their legality since the psychoactive substances ban – whereby everything except caffeine, nicotine & alcohol that is psychoactive was banned.

Kava Kava – listed on as the most researched ‘supplement’, with robust evidence for treating anxiety. It’s also great for sleep, but there’s concerns over liver toxicity. Certainly don’t mix with alcohol. It’s an ancient drink used by Pacific Islanders for thousands of years.

Kratom is another ancient herb which has become controversial. I first read about it on the Forbes website and it had a positive write up, but it’s since been scheduled in some states in America – which people are up in arms about because thousands have been using it to treat PTSD, depression and pain. Some strains make you sleep, some make you happy and alert. More info here.

Use of phenibut is probably best kept to a last resort. Phenibut was invented for Russian cosmonauts to tackle anxiety and enhance focus during space flights. Phenibut is so effective that unfortunately, it’s quite addictive for some people and the withdrawals are pretty bad. Use once a week max (or just don’t bother).

See also GABA and 5 HTP

Tackle the Cause of Poor Sleep

If your lack of sleep is due to stress, then I’d suggest tackling this from both the physical and mental ‘angles’.

A very quick overview of this (I’ll do a seperate blog post at some point)

  • Have a read up on gut health and mental health – then see if you can make some key changes to your diet, like adding fermented foods and cutting out sugar. “All disease starts in the gut” Hippocrates
  • Tackle overthinking with regular meditation
  • Exercise. Yoga for example, can provide the benefits of being physically active & also the major mental health benefits of building social relationships. The actual exercises are great for getting rid of physical tension and it’s a kind of a moving meditation too.
  • Take an ‘adaptogen’ like ashwagandha or rhodiola rosea
  • Avoid omega 6 and supplement with omega 3 (preferably fish oil, which contains EPA)
  • I’d personally recommend reading a number of books, or listening to them on Audible – The Chimp Paradox, The Happiness Hypothesis, anything on Stoicism, Be Here Now (quite hard core), 10% Happier by Dan Harris and it’s a bit hard going but The Power of Now is good if you can get your head round the grandiose writing style. Reading definitely helps, for example in the book “Man’s Search for Meaning” it ‘talks’ of how prisoners of war survived Nazi concentration camps with a sense of humour and by providing a sense of meaning to their survival.

Better Sleep – Quick Tips & Hacks

Apologies for using the word hacks….but to summarise:

  • Try speaking with a Doctor
  • Supplement with magnesium
  • Supplement with an adaptogen like ashwagandha
  • Try listening to some ocean-waves at bed time.
  • To minimise exposure to blue light – try get flux on your computer.
  • Make sure your bedroom is completely ‘black’. Any light at all can mess with your sleep quality.
  • Try Lavender Oil – add a few drops on your bedding
  • Look at supplementing with omega 3 and avoiding omega 6; meditate and exercise.
    Exercising in a class has the added benefit of building social relationships, which is highly correlated with being ‘more happy’.
  • Don’t have kids

If you’re still struggling to sleep – see a doctor…and research kava kava – remember there’s some concern over liver toxicity though

Good luck

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CBD Brothers – CBD Oil Review

I get pretty constant headaches, including a pain down the left side of my face and jaw. I have a couple of symptoms of an overactive immune system – IBS (unless my diet is perfect and dairy and gluten free) and a bit of eczema.

I also get a very stiff back and neck at times – which in turn is what probably gives me a lot of headaches – I guess the combination of wrestling and working at a desk over the years hasn’t helped. I also get mild anxiety, nothing major compared to some of my friends, more of an annoyance.

After doing some research on and Google Scholar, I decided to give cbd a try.

I found the Medipen pretty effective for headaches, but wanted to try the actual oil in a different format. CBD brothers had good reviews on Reddit, so I bought from their website…

Brilliant Customer Service

These guys are very professional and answered my email about dosage, even though it was already on the FAQs on their site.

I bought 10ml of the blue edition cbd oil.

cbd brother review

Effective For Muscle Tension

I find this very good for my neck and back.

It’s just very ‘calming’. I took 1 drop 4 times a day. Hold under your tongue for 3-4 minutes. You want it to absorb in your mouth and gums, not swallow it.

One thing about the CBD Bros packaging – it was a right bast*rd trying to get the dregs out of the bottle it comes in.

I find the liquid that you put on your gums and mouth, is about as effective as vaping a ‘medipen’.

CBD Does Not get you High

In case you were wondering! It just makes you feel more relaxed. If you take too much you will sleep for a long, long time!

It is often used to treat epilepsy, depression & anxiety and IBS.

It is so effective for so many ailments and diseases, because it has strong anti-inflammatory properties. Inflammation of course, being the pre-cursor of many diseases, including cancer.

I’m not sure of the mechanism behind its relaxing effects, but obviously that’s why it so effective at treating Parkinson’s, epilepsy and autoimmune problems.

Please read more about the mechanism behind the benefits of cbd oil here. My vague layman’s explanations are pretty poor at best…

Is CBD Oil Legal in the UK?

If the distributor has a license.

If the cbd oil contains any, even trace elements of THC (which is psychoactive) then :

“a Home Office licence to import this substance – or a preparation containing it – would be required, irrespective of the proportion of THC in that preparation. In addition, there may also be a requirement for a Home Office domestic possess [sic] and supply licence.”


If it is illegal, it’s probably only because it’s so effective that it would make lots of pharma drugs redundant.
It treats cancer, Parkinson’s IBS, acid reflux, anxiety, depression, the list goes on and on! It’s an all-in-one treatment. Incidentally, THC, which is not in cbd oil (in very large amounts anyway), also has medicinal properties.

Is there any Research Backing the Health Claims of CBD Oil?

Plenty, take a look on

For inflammatory bowel disease

Cannabidiol in Inflammatory Bowel Diseases: A Brief Overview

“For years, its activity has been enigmatic for gastroenterologists and pharmacologists, but now it is evident that this compound may interact at extra-cannabinoid system receptor sites, such as peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor-gamma. This strategic interaction makes CBD as a potential candidate for the development of a new class of anti-IBD drugs


For epilepsy

The case for medical marijuana in epilepsy

“Charlotte, a little girl with SCN1A-confirmed Dravet syndrome, was recently featured in a special that aired on CNN. Through exhaustive personal research and assistance from a Colorado-based medical marijuana group (Realm of Caring), Charlotte’s mother started adjunctive therapy with a high concentration cannabidiol/Δ9-tetrahydrocannabinol (CBD:THC) strain of cannabis, now known as Charlotte’s Web. This extract, slowly titrated over weeks and given in conjunction with her existing antiepileptic drug regimen, reduced Charlotte’s seizure frequency from nearly 50 convulsive seizures per day to now 2–3 nocturnal convulsions per month. This effect has persisted for the last 20 months, and Charlotte has been successfully weaned from her other antiepileptic drugs.


For social anxiety

Neural basis of anxiolytic effects of cannabidiol (CBD) in generalized social anxiety disorder: a preliminary report

CBD was associated with significantly decreased subjective anxiety...These results suggest that CBD reduces anxiety in SAD and that this is related to its effects on activity in limbic and paralimbic brain areas.


CBD for every ailment under the sun

Clinical endocannabinoid deficiency (CECD): can this concept explain therapeutic benefits of cannabis in migraine, fibromyalgia, irritable bowel syndrome and other treatment-resistant conditions?

Migraine, fibromyalgia, IBS and related conditions display common clinical, biochemical and pathophysiological patterns that suggest an underlying clinical endocannabinoid deficiency that may be suitably treated with cannabinoid medicines.

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Fitness Infographic

A fitness infographic from Monster Supplements – I actually created this when I was working for a marketing agency and doing a campaign for them.


fitness infographic


4 minutes of Exercise can Produce Significant Benefits

I’d also like to add – for those put off exercise due to time, that you don’t need a lot of time to gain significant benefits from exercise.

In fact, research has shown that doing 2, 4-minute bouts of high-intensity exercise per week, can benefit markers of health, such as blood glucose levels.

In fact, the 4-minute bouts of interval training, include a total of one minute’s rest!

For example:
On an exercise bike
You would complete one 20 second sprint, then rest for 10 seconds,
then do another sprint for 20 seconds, rest for 10.
Repeat until the 4 minutes is complete.

This is known as a Tabata interval.

You don’t even need an exercise bike, you can do them with bodyweight squats.
You can try press ups, but they are extremely difficult to do for the full 4 minutes!

More information on these ‘Tabata intervals’ can be found on the BBC website here.

You can download an app, or use a Tabata timer on youtube to complete the intervals.

One Set Training – Takes One Minute or Less Per Bodypart

In addition, a lot of research shows that one set of resistance exercise is as beneficial as doing 3. So even if you can only do one set of press ups and one set of squats, every other evening, that’s enough to gain or at least maintain muscle mass.

More information on one set training can be found here.

Some ideas for working out at home can be found here.

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