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Psilocybin Mushrooms & Meditation

Meditation, is a way to control the ‘chimp brain’. The annoying little fucker that gives narrative to your life and judges everything and creates ‘ANTs’ – Automatic Negative Thoughts. Meditation enables you to dissociate from thoughts and emotions and just … Continue reading

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Joe Rogan Experience #968 – Kelly Brogan – Summary

  The overall theme is that Kelly Brogan, a qualified medical doctor, used to prescribe drugs to treat mental health problems with little success, but now uses lifestyle changes including personalised dietary guidelines (organic red meat is a must, no … Continue reading

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Extreme Ownership, Depression & MMA

This is a pretty cool video and book about taking ownership when things go wrong. This relates to the psychological state of ‘learned helplessness’ which is defined as: “a condition in which a person suffers from a sense of powerlessness, arising … Continue reading

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Supplements for Stress & Anxiety

I’ve noticed a recent pattern – Any middle aged bloke with nice teeth that I meet and get talking to; always asks me about dealing with stress and anxiety. With this in mind,  I thought I’d make a blog post to … Continue reading

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Diet for Depression & Anxiety

*Diet at your own risk. For informational purposes only* Gut Inflammation is Correlated Strongly with Depression Some studies here Cut out Pro-inflammatory Foods Cut out sugar & refined cards Consider cutting out diary and gluten. These can cause inflammation in … Continue reading

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The Benefits of Exercising Outdoors

Aspinall Foundation are running a competition regarding the benefits of the great outdoors and nature. Research suggests that exercising outdoors – in nature, has mental health benefits, above and beyond that normally experienced with exercise indoors. A meta analysis, which … Continue reading

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How to Live in the Moment: 6 Simple Ways to Practice Mindfulness

  It seems in the past few years, everyone is touting the benefits of mindfulness. But what is mindfulness exactly, and how can you benefit from being more mindful in your daily life? Mindfulness is the practice of intentional focus … Continue reading

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