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Alkaline Diet Overview

The Alkaline Diet has many claims associated with it such as increased bone density, enhanced immunity and even a reduced risk of cancer. As vegetables tend to be alkaline and meat tends to be acidic, ‘veganism’ is often incorporated into … Continue reading

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Paleo Diet Explained

The Paleo diet is often called The Caveman Diet. Cavemen didn’t have agriculture or processed foods, they were ‘hunter gatherers’. Foods to Eat on the Paleo Diet You eat lots of meats, plants, vegetables, fruits and drink lots of water. … Continue reading

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Power Training for MMA

There are 3 types of fighters in MMA, those who are great athletes – e.g. Tyron Woodley, those who are technically superior – e.g. Demian Maia and those who have both e.g. GSP. Building explosive power, is arguably the quickest … Continue reading

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Fitness Training for Firefighters

Training ideas for those wanting to join the fireservice. The fitness tests, that form part of the selection process in the UK are: The 6 National Firefighter Physical Tests Ladder Climb Casualty Evacuation Ladder Lift / Lower Simulation Enclosed Spaces … Continue reading

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Hemp Infographic

This took me so long to do, that I have no energy left to write an intriguing introduction. More information on my cbd oil page however. Hemp will heal the world! Hopefully…  

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Why Bodybuilders Can’t Punch – Increase your Punching Power

I know, I know, MMA Bellends are always sharing stuff on social media about ‘He lifts but he can’t fight’ etc. So it’s getting old, apologies…but I lifted weights and attempted to be a (very poor) bodybuilder years before doing … Continue reading

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Conor McGregor Infographic

Not my best infographic ever! Well, actually, it has Conor McGregor all over it, so it probably is!  

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