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Vegan Diet – A Beginner’s Guide

The vegan diet is becoming more and more popular…it was rare to hear about someone who was on a vegan diet until the China Study came out in 2005 and then it really gained momentum when a leading medical doctor published the … Continue reading

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Paleo Diet Explained

The Paleo diet is often called The Caveman Diet. Cavemen didn’t have agriculture or processed foods, they were ‘hunter gatherers’. Foods to Eat on the Paleo Diet You eat lots of meats, plants, vegetables, fruits and drink lots of water. … Continue reading

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Ketogenic Diet for Beginners

Ketogenic diets are becoming more popular – especially in the MMA and weight-loss communities. But what is ketosis and what does it do? What is the Ketogenic Diet? The ketogenic diet, is a dietary protocol consisting of a low amount … Continue reading

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Detox Trading Review

I was introduced to Detox Trading via a friend’s recommendation. I would have been a bit apprehensive about buying anything off their website if I had found it via Google or Facebook, as I’d never heard of them before – … Continue reading

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Joe Rogan Experience #968 – Kelly Brogan – Summary

  The overall theme is that Kelly Brogan, a qualified medical doctor, used to prescribe drugs to treat mental health problems with little success, but now uses lifestyle changes including personalised dietary guidelines (organic red meat is a must, no … Continue reading

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Joe Rogan Experience #901 – Dr. Rhonda Patrick – Broccoli sprouts, glucoraphanin & sulforaphane

Inflammation Can Cause Depression In studies whereby inflammation was induced with an injection of inflammatory cytokines, people with ‘normal levels’ of wellbeing and happiness, began to feel depressed. The depression tended to be offset by consuming large amounts of omega … Continue reading

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Supplements for Stress & Anxiety

I’ve noticed a recent pattern – Any middle aged bloke with nice teeth that I meet and get talking to; always asks me about dealing with stress and anxiety. With this in mind,  I thought I’d make a blog post to … Continue reading

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