Why Racism is for Morons

This video of a racist drunk, being a complete bellend was doing the rounds on social media the other week, it upset me a little:

I think it ties in with the Coca Cola truck post in some respects – this ‘businessman’ / bellend has obviously been told by someone, perhaps his parents that certain people are ‘bad’, for whatever reason; and he’s not questioned that message.
He’s not engaged his logical brain, he’s just taken information on board, from people, or from the media without stepping back and looking at the reality of the situation.
Perhaps he had some kind of ‘run-in’ in the past, and has stereotyped everyone based on that experience.  Again, this is ridiculous, violence, muggings etc. tends to be a general problem in inner cities, no matter what colour somebody might be.

It’s the same with people who constantly moan about immigration.  Okay, so it’s certainly a subject worth debating; but let’s be honest; the main issues with this country, are to do with terrible parenting, the breakdown of the family unit, lack of a work-ethic, laziness, aggressive behaviour etc. of the ‘natives’.   You won’t see that in newspapers however, because people don’t want to read or listen to any media that makes them evaluate their own lives.

Take the people who have a prejudice view of Muslims as another example. Constantly worried about a terrorist threat etc. and therefore scared or have a hatred towards people of that religion… let’s be honest, you’re 100 times more likely to be killed be some idiot driving 110mph after drinking 4 Stellas than you are by some ‘shoe bomber’ or terrorist.

White people have done some pretty awful things over the centuries; take Columbus for example; along with the general treatment the British armies etc. dished out to other counties.  Not only the Brits, the Dutch and Spanish, from what I’ve read, where not exactly respectful when landing on foreign shores.  Police brutality in the UK and America could also be cited here. But I won’t even get into that.

Again, having said that – you shouldn’t stereotype white people either, we’re not all bad.  I think it’s just an issue with people who have an offset moral-compass, or an ignorance, a preconception that they don’t question etc.  If you look at what the liberated American slaves did to the Liberians (they enslaved them using the plantation system they used in America) and how some of the people of Congo have enslaved the local pygmies,  it’s possible to argue that without education etc. people will just automatically look to take advantage of those they perceive as weaker.

We’re starting to live in a society that’s based on fear.  We’re fearful, irrationally of different people.

Fear, not hate, is the opposite of love.  A society based on fear is constantly violent and hostile.  Love is the answer; listen to Alan Watts if you ever get chance.

Remember, you’re not born a bellend.  You learn that as you go along; unless you question these messages and stereotypes.

Love is the Answer

Love is the Answer

Was nice to see this hashtag and article trending on social media in Australia.

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