Why Arguing is Pretty Ironic

Why I never ‘engage’ with bellends and their arguments

Why do people argue?
To pass the blame onto someone else, to make out they have done nothing wrong, to try and ‘prove’ that their view is the right one, or that they are correct about a particular ‘fact’ somebody disputes.

Chuck Norris

Whatever one’s motivation on trivial matters (as opposed to more important ethical disagreements etc.) the underlying motivation is to make yourself look ‘better’ or superior.

This is quite ironic for several reasons. Especially if you start raising your voice and become aggressive and/or whip out irrelevant personal attacks.
If you do that, you’ve just proven that you do not have any self control, and you’re one of those idiots who seems to believe that the louder and more aggressively you shout, the more correct you are.  Whoever shouts loudest, wins, right? Wrong – aggressive behaviour is a sign of low intelligence.  Reptile brain.

If you are trying to make yourself look better, the best thing you can done is not argue.  What is the point in spending 10 minutes arguing – even if you have the last word, you have probably made the other person feel pretty bad, and you’ve made yourself look like an egotistical turd.

I once saw a documentary about overweight British children, sent to live somewhere in the Amazon – in a wild attempt to make them healthier and less like spoiled little twats.
There was one area in the village, that was considered sacred – the children were asked never to argue or swear if possible, anywhere, but DEFINITELY not on this sacred area.

What happened…within 2 days of not eating 10,000 calories of shyte everyday, two of the children started arguing and swearing at each other, whilst within the sacred area.
Whatever they were arguing about, such as who ate the last Mars bar, it certainly wasn’t as important as not offending the rest of the village.   Rather than just saying ‘sorry’ and damaging their own ego somewhat, they chose to verbally slug it out, ignoring everyone else’s feelings.

The result – everyone’s opinion of both of them was negatively effected.  Ironically, you look better in someone’s eyes, if you disagree on something civilly, rather than argue about something. In fact, if you are humble enough to just apologise; the other person normally says something like “no, no, there’s no need to say sorry”. People normally respect you more for being humble too.  Certainly as opposed to be an argumentative person.

I think it’s important to voice your opinion, but I also think too many people are highly aggressive with their opinions.  Ask yourself – what is your opinion based on?  Is it a really important debate/topic worth arguing about?  Can you convey your opinion politely and humbly without upsetting everyone?

– It’s not worth upsetting a friend to have the last word
– You’ll end up looking like an idiot and inferior if you raise your voice, defeating the motivation for arguing in the first place
– You can always put your opinion across in a nice way – or at least try
– You can just Google stuff to sort out 80% of arguments these days

About Drew

MMA, Fitness & Marketing enthusiast from North Wales, UK. A Stoic Hippy with no hair. Not to boast but - 1st Class Degree in Sports Science from Loughborough, MSc in Nutrition from the University of Liverpool. 20 years experience of weight & fitness training.
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