Dealing with IBS

IBS – also a bastard.

From what I’ve read, pretty much everyone who as sinusitis, also has IBS.
There’s some research to say again, that this is due to an over-active immune system; and histamine reeks havoc on the GI tract.

Why do we have over-active immune systems?  Apparently because our parents went mental with cleaning, and cleaning products.  The lack of dirt and the abundance of chemicals, made our immune systems go a bit mental.  Add to that all the additives and anti-biotics used in farming, and it’s no wonder auto-immune diseases and allergies are rife.

Anyway, here are some tips, as long as I stick to the tips, I’m regular as clockwork, but still have issues with acid and acid reflux.

1. Cut out milk – try it for a week. It’s a ball ache, but this made an absolutely huge difference to me, as well as to my asthma and sinusitus.
2. Try cutting out wheat.  Again, massive pain, but this also made quite a big difference.  The theory is that wheat has been ‘bred’ to be more resistance to parasites etc. and as a consequence is loads harder to digest.  People have unusually strong opinions about not eating wheat, but give it a try.
3. Eat probiotic foods, or get a good tablet.  I use kombucha some times, but I wouldn’t really recommend it.  Apparently it can be deadly, so probably not worth the risk/benefit ratio. I still drink it though, when I’m feeling run down it does seem to be beneficial.  Other probioitic foods include raw honey and miso soup, which is really nice. Other probiotic foods are listed here.
4. Drink a large glass of water with 5g of glutamine in the mornings. Apparently it helps protect the mucous membrane of the stomach.
5. Eat lots of tumeric.  But it in your protein drinks – if you have protein drinks.
6. DGL is supposed to be good when eaten 20 mins before a meal.  Not really found it that beneficial myself though. The reviews on amazon are really good though, so I should give it another go maybe.
7. Give up caffeine.  Yea, I have tried, but with sinusitis in the mornings due to a dust allergy, it’s pretty tough
8. Drink persimmon tea for acid reflux

Disclaimer – I know nothing

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