Plyometrics for Strength and Power

In this study, women completed a 6 week training protocol of either ‘fast’ press ups, or plyometric press ups (free falling down from knees and explosively pressing back up, 1 rep per 4 seconds).
The plyometric group experienced significantly greater improvements than the DPU group on the medicine ball put:

A combination of squats and plyometrics it’s best for increasing vertical jump:,_Plyometric_and.6.aspx

Plyometrics and weight training increase leg strength as opposed to weight training alone:

…the combination training group showed signs of improvement in the vertical jump performance, the 50 yard dash, and leg strength that was significantly greater than the improvement in the other 2 training groups

Does plyometric training improve strength performance? A meta-analysis

When subjects can adequately follow plyometric exercises, the training gains are independent of fitness level. Subjects in either good or poor physical condition, benefit equally from plyometric work, also men obtain similar strength results to women following PT.
In relation to the variables of program design, training volume of less than 10 weeks and with more than 15 sessions, as well as the implementation of high-intensity programs, with more than 40 jumps per session, were the strategies that seem to maximize the probability to obtain significantly greater improvements in performance (p < 0.05).

In order to optimise strength enhancement, the combination of different types of plyometrics with weight-training would be recommended, rather than utilizing only one form (p < 0.05).

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