The Culture High – Summary

Being a big Joe Rogan fan, I thought I’d give this a watch.

Pretty interesting, just like The Union, which came out before it.

To summarise, in case you haven’t got 2.5 hours to sit and watch it all –
According to the documentary (I’m open minded to the possibility of it all being liberal/left-wing propaganda, but this is what it stated):

– The Police never arrest the big drug dealers.  The Police make billions from seizing any alleged assets of crime. It is up to the ‘criminal’ to prove, through the court system that the property taken is not obtained through or related to any drug-related or criminal activities.
– The Police therefore want the big dealers to keep dealing, and pick up and arrest, and seize assets from thousands of drug users.  If they caught the big dealers, the users would be few, and harder to find.
– Cannabis users are the ‘low hanging fruit’ in terms of profit for the Police and statistics.  80% of people arrested for drug use are cannabis users.  If cannabis was made legal, the Police wouldn’t be able to arrest them, they wouldn’t have impressive arrest statistics or assets to seize.
– The prisons are privately run in America.  There has been a lot of corruption around sentencing drug users in exchange for bribes to fill the prisons and make them more profitable.  See the ‘cash for kids’ scandal for an example.  Disgusting.

– As a class 1 drug cannabis is stated to have no medical usage.  But it has been patented for medicinal use.

– Jayden, a young child, was on dozens of drugs to stop his seizures and was close to death before trying medicinal marijuana.  His main problem at the moment, is trying to come off all the prescription drugs and go through the withdrawal symptoms –

– A british scientist got fired when his research stated that alcohol was a dangerous drug, and in relative terms, LSD and cannabis wasn’t.

“Alcohol ranks as the fifth most harmful drug after heroin, cocaine, barbiturates and methadone. Tobacco is ranked ninth”

“Cannabis, LSD and ecstasy, while harmful, are ranked lower at 11, 14 and 18 respectively.”

This summary has been done from memory, so please watch the film if you get chance.


It’s certainly interesting.  Having suffered with IBS since I was 15; it’s at least nice to know there’s a natural substance that might be able to help.  Apparently the strain of cannabis is very important, some will aggravate IBS, others will, potentially, help.

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