NAC – n acetyl l cysteine

NAC powder can be bought from most health food and supplement stores, such as

I first read about it a few weeks ago when researching allergies and gut inflammation. Apparently it does something to remove all the mucous and crap that can build up and cause asthma, and is also theorised to have an impact on the gut. Well histamine is, and histamine causes mucous and inflammation. Good article here.

NAC powder is a modified version of the amino acid cysteine.

It has been used in the past for reducing and thinning mucous; for conditions like asthma and cystic fibrosis.  It is also a potent antioxidant and is used to treat liver disease and even paracetamol overdoses.

It appears to work by replenishing glutathione.  A powerful antioxidant that reduces inflammation and oxidative stress.

I’ve been using it for 5 days now, along with Gingko biloba; and do feel a lot more energetic. My IBS also appears to have calmed down quite a bit too.

I hope this improvement lasts! My sinusitis is also a lot better.

Use at your own risk – I’m not sure where this product is derived from or how it is produced. There has been one study on rodents using the equivalent of 20g per day, showing it can be unsafe in mega doses.  All other research as far as I am aware, shows it to be very beneficial to health.
The reviews on Amazon are certainly quite convincing.

One thing – When I take a full scoop in the morning, my face goes bright red for about 10 minutes. Not sure why.

It’s also meant to be really good for flu and colds

man flu

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