How to Stop Worrying

Some steps that help me:
With a ‘change in household makeup’ on the way, I’ve found myself worrying quite a bit about work, so I thought I’d bash this blog post out before going to work…

Accept that worrying is useless – focusing on the negative, only makes it more likely to happen.  Accept that worrying has no purpose, and tell yourself that when you start to worry.
People validate worrying because something negative DID happen.  Even though it was probably a byproduct of their negative thoughts.
You will always replace worry, with a different worry.  If that thing you are worrying about didn’t happen, you’ll find the next thing to worry about.  This is a ‘useless’ way to think and live.  Equally, worrying about someone is not loving them. You just pass worry on to that person.
Acknowledge your thoughts, don’t fight them, don’t react or judge.  The worry has to be acknowledged. Observe your worry like an outsider; then think of a positive outcome to what you are worrying about. Is in my rather crude ‘drawing’.
how to stop worrying

Practice positive worrying – motivate yourself by thinking of all the great things that will happen if things go your way.

Make a plan of action to achieve the positive outcome, to help replace the motivation that worry creates.  For me, this may be to read over my notes on the bus home from work; to try my best, and to be organised and have my paperwork updated and easily accessible on each phone call I make.

During the middle of the day, keep a worry journal.  Again, this is a way to acknowledge and then vent your worries.

Meditate – try the HeadSpace app, and try the take 10, 10 day meditation course

Link to the body, immune system, and gut health. 
There are many studies showing that inflammation, is linked to anxiety and depression.  I’m not sure how the link occurs, which is the chicken and which is the egg.  But reducing inflammation seems to help with mental health; managing and improving gut health certainly does.  My advise would be to eat anti-inflammatory foods such as tumeric, ginger, omega 3, pineapple and avoid inflammatory foods such as omega 6, sugar and dairy.  Give it a try.
Gut inflammation, can cause systemic inflammation.  Try not to eat after 8pm; drink glutamine first thing in the morning and take a probiotic supplement.

Ashwagandha, Rhodiola rosea , ginseng and ginkgo biloba can all help to treat stress and anxiety. Make sure you read up on them before taking any though.

Destroy the couch
I wrote an article on this, it’s, weirdly something I feel quite strongly about.  If you spends hours, watching crappy TV, slumped on a couch, eating crud food; you will feel terrible!  Keep busy doing things you enjoy, keep moving to keep your lymphatic system working, and eat good food – with the TV turned off, so you actually acknowledge what you are consuming. If you watch TV that you are only vaguely interested in, your mind will wander and you will worry. Do something you enjoy instead, use the worry journal to acknowledge and take action on things.

Read Dale Carnegie’s Book – How to stop worrying and start living
In case you don’t have time, here are some gems from that particular book:
Live in ‘day-tight-compartments’.  Imagine a submarine, that has different sections.  Imagine a metal shutter than encloses each section.
That’s how you should live – day to day.  Write down what you need to achieve that day, and focus on that.  That’s all you need to do or can do.  Remember there are 2 days that you can never do anything or take action within – yesterday and tomorrow.
– My actions for today for example:
– Read through my notes before work and evaluate and write down errors and positives after each call
– Finish this blog post
– Spend 30 minutes when I get home on my sports massage course

Dale tells the story of a submariner in World War II, and how he is, or thinks he is about to die.  Given the chance, in fact he is desperate for the chance, to live one more day and not worry.  He realises all the worrying he did was a joke, and stopped him enjoying life.

Surround Yourself with Good People
I don’t think money makes people happy – see my other blog post; I think there are a few factors involved, but unconditional love, I think is the underlying principle of being happy. If your family and friends are kind, and you are around people that love you unconditionally, you won’t feel the pressure to achieve this, that and the other, and you won’t worry about failing.
If possible, surround yourself with people who won’t judge you for what your wearing, what you look like, how much money you have etc.  This in turn will make you worry less about such trivial things.
When I think about money – I think about my arms, and my legs.  How much money would I give to keep those?  Probably billions! Most of us are rich, we just don’t measure wealth in the right way.
Sigmund Freud’s nephew invented consumerism – see this link and it’s fcuked with our heads ever since.

Let go of perfection
Those imperfections in the house, that crappy sofa you have; enjoy them, that’s character, it would be boring if everything was perfect. Stop comparing yourself to others, and other people’s things and the rubbish they put on social media.
Stop worrying about material things. As in the paragraph above –

Sigmund Freud’s nephew invented consumerism – see this link and it’s fcuked with our heads ever since.

Take your time
Stop rushing through things. When your in the car, you’ll get there when you get there. Slow down, life is a journey, not a destination.
– Eat good food, more omega 3, less omega 6. More local foods, less processed rubbish
– Forget perfection, stop desiring things you don’t have
– Take your time, chill out, enjoy the journey, the conversation; stop rushing to get things finished just so that you can sit down
– Decide what you want to do today; then forget the yesterday, and forget the tomorrow

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