Study of the erm, week – Lottery Winner V Accident Victims Happiness

Bit of an old one like, but still pretty interesting.

According to the clever people that carried out the research in the linked study above; the actual ridiculous happiness felt immediately after winning the lottery, reduces the pleasure obtained from the simpler things we do day to day – like having a cuppa.

After several months, lottery winner became miserable bellends, basically spoiled little sh!t syndrome had taken effect:

As predicted, lottery winners were not happier than controls and took significantly less pleasure from a series of mundane events

Apparently the same ‘adaptation’ occurs when you buy a house, or a new boat, or whatever it may be.   After a few months, you’re happiness is back to baseline.

In the study, the accident victims were slightly less happy, but not by much.  I’ll admit I have not read the full study, and just robbed that information from here:


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