Phenibut Review

This is one legal, freely available supplement, that definitely works. It was, apparently, created in Russia to reduce anxiety and increase concentration in astronauts.

Whether you are thinking of taking it to enhance cognition and help concentration, or to ‘help with’ anxiety, it definitely works. BUT it build tolerance extremely quickly and should be treated, with lots of respect.
I don’t mean you should say please and thank you to it before and after taking it, just do your research (as you appear to be doing by reading this) and don’t take it more than 2 or 3 times per week, MAXIMUM.  Sorry for capitals/shouting, but you read all types of accounts on the internet of people taking stupid amounts, and then having to put up with the withdrawal from phenibut.  Which I’m told is horrendous.

I ended up trying some of this a few months ago. My friend was suffering from bad IBS, so I took him round some glutamine, and some NAC powder. He said ‘thanks very much…here, erm…have some phenibut”.

He bought it from Happy Hippo, but if you’re in the UK, you can buy it from ThoughtFoods.


Start with 500mg.
I would NOT go over 1g at any point. Some people take 2/3g but that’s, in my opinion, ridiculous and overkill. That’s taking it to get high, rather than to improve focus and reduce anxiety.

Stack with Caffeine
Take with 50 to 200mg of caffeine, as phenibut will normally make you tired.

Time to take effect
Anywhere between 1 hour and 7 hours. It can last for anywhere up to 24 hours.  Lower dose seems to take effect in an hour, and loose its effect within about 3 hours.

Do not take more than 2/3 times per week.  And do not take more than 1g per day; then it should be perfectly safe and can potentially be a massive help with anxiety.  Take too much though and you can be in a whole world of trouble when you try to stop.

I wouldn’t recommend taking this stuff, if you have any kind of addictive personality, or general addiction problems.
Just be careful and sensible.

I had mild anxiety problems when I was working in a call centre. I used it in conjunction with meditating, and reading books like The Power of Now.  I used to think about what was worrying me, on purpose, when I took the phenibut – and it didn’t concern me at all when I took the phenibut.  When I was worrying day to day about the same thing, I’d think back to when I was taking the phenibut and thinking about the same problem. It seemed to help a lot. It put my problems in perspective.

There’s lots of videos from people who look like Jersey Shore extras on youtube that you can look at, for more info. But bear in mind they’re young men, without much knowledge of what they’re talking about from a scientific perspective.

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  1. KratomHappy says:

    Hey nice phenibut review, does it help with sports and your MMA to give you an edge?

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