UFC Brisbane Results

UFC Brisbane Main Event: Mark Hunt V Frank Mir

Mark Hunt wins with an overhand right against Frank Mir. Landing just behind his ear, Mir was done-and-dusted by the Super Samoan’s crushing power inside the first round.

Mark Hunt KO Frank Mir - UFC Brisbane
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The walkaway KO victory was always a possibility, but Hunt made it look easy against the 2-time heavyweight champ – Mir.  Mir, a decorated grappler, never looked like he was going to pull off a takedown, as he struggled to drop low-enough to get hold of Hunt’s legs.

Hunt timed his punch perfectly, catching Mir 2 minutes into the first round:


Although it may look somewhat arrogant to walk away in such a nonchalant fashion, Hunt did state in 2015 that:

“The walkaway celebration is something that just happened, I really don’t know where and when it started. When I’m in there, the adrenaline is pumping and I’m just firing in shots, looking for the finish. It just kind of happens, I guess.

When you get someone, when you catch them right, you just kind of know that that’s it. He’s in there doing the same thing, trying to shoot you down, so when it lands, that’s it. It’s over and the relief kicks in. You know it’s finished so you don’t have to chase him anymore. I’ve always had it, that feeling when you hit someone right and they go down. And it’s actually about respect. I’d like to think I’ve always respected my opponents in that way.

You know, if you keep punching them after they’re knocked out, they could get brain damage or end up in the hospital. So, I just see it as a fight, nothing more. It’s not personal. I’m not stepping in there to hurt anybody. But if the man in front of me is still fighting then, you know, I’ll keep swinging.”

UFC Brisbane Co Main Event: Neil Magny V Hector Lombard

An exciting fight which turned out much like a battle of reach & cardio against power & strength.

Lombard – the much shorter and more muscular of the two, dominated the first round with his super-human explosive power and strength. Landing some brutal ground and pound, Magny did well to survive; showing great heart and determination in the process.

Whether it was an adrenaline-dump or just plain old lactic-acid build up – Lombard looked like a different man in the second.  The proverbial tables were turned with near-exact reciprocity as Magny dominated the second round.  So much so, there was outcry during and after the fight – criticising the referee for not putting a stop to the fight after Lombard was back-mounted, flattened out, and received more than 50 ‘unanswered’ strikes to the head. His only rest-bite coming when he rolled over into Magny’s mount – only to receive an elbow to the face for his efforts.

The 3rd round, was again dominated by Magny – using straight punches, to enter into the Thai clinch where he landed some damaging elbows. He set up the takedown beautifully with an elbow-strike that transitioned fluently into a double-leg takedown.  Magny established a high mount and finished the visibly exhausted Lombard with strikes.

If you want to explain to someone the definition of ‘weather the storm’ and ‘fighting-heart’ then this is the fight to do it with.

MMA: UFC Fight Night-Lombard vs Magny

Credit: Matt Roberts-USA TODAY Sports


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