Joe Rogan Experience – Steve Maxwell

Steve Maxwell, kettlebell GodFather and old school S and C coach (which makes him kinda new-school too).



Decent stuff to take from this podcast

Hanging from a bar, with a pronated, overhand grip, can help shoulder injuries. Which, after reading up, is apparently true – but be careful if you are rehabbing .

Trap bar deadlift is highly correlated with sprint speed, and doesn’t have the same ‘shearing’ forces that normal deadliest can have.

Slow negative training with weights and isometrics are highly beneficial, and, apparently, don’t carry the same risk of injury as explosive training.  I find these are good for grappling strength, as you are able to resist more effectively when people are trying to push your arms into vulnerable positions to execute a submission, or if people are trying to take you down and battle against your underhooks.

Super slow reps – for example, do hindu pressups as slowly as possible, 10 seconds up, 10 seconds down

Don’t use the ab wheel from standing. Steve ruptured his L4 doing it.

To get explosive at your sport, repeat the actual movements and techniques explosively.

Don’t risk injury with strength and conditioning.  Steve thinks it is foolish to risk injury with Olympic lifting for example (I agree, especially with high pulls).

Steve doesn’t do overhead presses anymore due to shoulder problems. He frequently says to be careful with above the head movements and static holds like ‘the flag’ that strain the shoulders.

He is an advocate of 1 set training for athletes too.
I’m also a big fan of 1 set training for strength. If you are training hard for MMA, and not taking any PEDs, then 1 set to failure is enough per body part, to maintain strength.  I even like to do 1 or 2 sets before a wrestling (for example), and see the wrestling as an isometric strength workout in itself.
This also makes recovery a lot easier.

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