Joe Rogan Experience #842 – Chris Kresser

Notes below were taken whilst listening to the podcast.
Please let me know if anything is incorrect.

Gut flora – Food Cravings & Depression
Consuming processed foods can cause inflammation.

Inflammatory cytokines ‘released’ in the gut, can cause systemic inflammation, leading to mental and physical illnesses.

Consuming lots of sugar foods, will generate gut flora which will in turn, drive your cravings for sugary foods.

Organ Meats are more nutritionally dense than muscle meats, despite hunters throwing them away regularly, and people generally not wanting to eat liver, kidneys etc.

Animals raised on grain have the same inflammation issues that people who eat poor quality foods do. So eat grass fed products if possible. Omega 3 is three times higher in grass fed meats too.

Leaky Gut
Poor diet can lead to dysfunctional permeability of the gut lining.
This can cause pathogens to enter the ‘body proper’, causing an over active immune system and inflammation.

Acellular Carbohydrates
Acellular carbohydrates are dense, processed, easily abundantly ‘accessible’ carbohydrates that are easy to overeat:

Problems / Issues with Vegan Diet
Vitamin K2 is absent in most vegan diets.  It is found in animal produce and fermented foods like kefir.

EPA is often missing, as this is an essential fatty acid found in fish.  EPA and DHA is in fish oil.

Vitamin B12 – the B12 in spirulina is not the ‘proper’ form and vegans should supplement with it.  83% of vegans are deficient in B12.
B12 is required for red blood cell formation and for myelin sheath formation.

Saturated fat is required for hormone production

Crop harvesting, kills dozens of animals.  Allegedly, more information here.


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