How I lost Half a Stone by Accident


Ah, I hate before and after pictures, but here you go:




I’m the one in the black T-Shirt





I’m the one in the grey Polo Shirt



After speaking to PPC and weightlifting guru, Alex Guest he convinced me that the “eating every 3 hours” protocol was in fact another great example of bodybuilding marketing b@llocks, and that intermittent fasting is great for natural bodybuilders – the ones that don’t take steroids and advertise sports supplements.

Not that I have anything against people who take steroids, it’s just a bit misleading when they are selling protein powder as if it will make you grow massive muscles overnight.

Anyway, back to the weight loss, there are a few Intermittent Fasting protocols, but the one I used goes like this:

Don’t eat anything between 8pm and 12pm

That’s pretty much it.  Start off with smaller fasts, say between 8pm and 7am, then build up slowly until you can manage the full 16 hours.
It’s very difficult at first, I felt really faint the first time I attempted the full fast.  So decided to build it up instead.

Try and eat food in its original state if possible.  If a packet has 25 ingredients on the back, then don’t eat it, especially if you don’t know what half the stuff on there is.


Lots of hot drinks is key!

Get yourself a decent size flask or Thermos-mug, and have a drink instead of having a snack.

Exercise is key if you want to build or maintain muscle mass whilst dieting.

My regime is currently pretty restricted due to time constraints, but looks something like this:


Resistance Training

Bodyweight workout and kettlebells at home/garden

    • Bodyweight squats Tabata interval
    • Strength band shoulder press – 2 sets of max reps
    • Kettlebell clean and press 2 sets of 12 reps
    • Spiderman press ups*
    • Bulgarian Split Squats**
    • Hip/Glute raises on the sofa


Gym workout

  • Warm up
  • Barbell Bench Press x 2 sets of max reps
  • Chin ups x 2 sets of max reps (super slow chin ups with 2 second pause at top and bottom)
  • Dummbell Bench press x 2 sets of max reps
  • Lunges x 2 sets of 8 reps
  • Medicine ball vertical throws 2 sets of 6 reps


Wrestling/Jiu Jisu




For some more ideas on training at home, have a look at my workout programmes here.

I didn’t want to especially lose weight at the time, but looking at how chubby my face was a few months ago, I’m glad that I have.

For overall health and fitness, I think the meathead look has to be a thing of the past.

Contact me if you want to know any more, thanks!


* Spiderman Press Ups

** Bulgarian Split Squats



Intermittent Fasting Pro’s
– Simple
– Health benefits
– Convenient – saves 15 to 20 minutes in the morning

Intermittent Fasting Con’s
– It has health benefits, but if you over do it, you could pass out, and hurt yourself/die
– You end up peeing loads because of all the hot drinks

More information on Intermittent fasting here.

For a home-based workout programme – click here

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4 Responses to How I lost Half a Stone by Accident

  1. ^__^ says:

    Great to see IF working so well for you! One of the reasons I believe IF works so well is the reduction in meal frequency and being to eat more satiating meals even when in a deficit. Working carb cycling into the mix adds a whole new level of effectiveness (anecdotally speaking).
    Hope you continue to thrive on it. 🙂

  2. Crixus says:

    I thought you just grew a beard?

    What foods would you eat after 12?

    • Drew says:

      Just a normal snappin in work – butties, banana and a drink. It’s pretty hard to go over 2,500 calories unless you eat absolute crap in the 8 hour window!

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