Medipen Review – MMA Recovery & Inflammation

Vape like a pro – or Nate Diaz

Nate Diaz Vape Pen

CBD won’t make you Dopey – Blows to the head will

So, first off, I was NOT sent this to review for free.

My back and neck have been killing lately, so after reading a few studies and reviews, I decided to fork out.

I spent £50 on this, which nearly killed me.

Here’s a pic of how it arrives, as robbed from The Independent


Here’s my relatively poor pics:

medipen cbd review

Attach pen to usb part to charge

Photo on 24-09-2016 at 09.55.jpg

Medipen cbd oil vapouriser

I’ve never smoked, or vaped, so it took me a good half hour to work out how to use it.

How to Put the Medipen Together

The bit with the USB adaptor is for charging – screw that into the ‘main bit’ – the long pen, to charge.

Leave it to charge for an hour or two.

Then unscrew from the USB part, and add the cbd oil cartridge. Unplug the top first.

Add the ‘sucky bit’ on top.

It should light up green when you suck on the pen.


Research on CBD Oil

To be fair – there is a mass of research on both cbd and THC.

But it’s only legal to vape cbd…this research paper provides a pretty comprehensive overview:

CBD appears to cure everything, ever, because it reduces inflammation.

Inflammation is a pre-cursor, and/or a result of nearly every disease that ever existed.

From Chron’s, to cancer, to asthma, they are all related to inflammation.

CBD is proven to reduce inflammation, and appears to hold specific hope for those suffering from over-active, auto-immune health problems:

It is becoming increasingly clear that cannabinoid receptors and their endogenous ligands play a crucial role in the regulation of the immune system. Exogenous cannabinoids have been shown to suppress T-cell-mediated immune responses by primarily inducing apoptosis and suppressing inflammatory cytokines and chemokines. Such observations indicate that targeting cannabinoid receptor–ligand interactions may constitute a novel window of opportunity to treat inflammatory and autoimmune disorders

Does the Medipen Reduce Inflammation?

In my experience & opinion – yes.

I literally couldn’t sit in work on Thursday, I had to kneel on my air-disc (a fairly common problem), because my back was in spasm.

After using the pen on Thursday night, I was fine all day Friday. My neck and lower back felt 100 times better.

We’ll have to see if this lasts, or if it’s some placebo / witch doctor effect. but so far, so good.

On Reddit there appears to be more mixed opinions – some say it’s amazing stuff, some say it does nothing. I’ve not read any negative reviews though:


MediPen CBD Oil FAQs

Does CBD Oil get you high?
No, but it does relax your muscles a bit

Is it expensive ?
Yes. £25 for a cbd cartridge each time.  You can buy cheaper refills but they contain cheaper ingredients like glycerol, rather than the organic coconut oil that Medipen contains.

Is CBD Oil safe?
As long as the cbd oil is pure and not mixed with anything else. There’s no guarantee that what you buy online is pure.  You can probably make it yourself, but you need a license to grow hemp. Bastards.

Is it legal to smoke or vape CBD Oil?
In the UK yes.

Does it Smell?
No, not at all. When I first got it, I was vaping in the kitchen and my wife couldn’t smell it when she came in literally a minute after. I was using the unflavoured cartridge though.

Where can you buy a cbd oil Vape Pen?



More research

cbd oil and acne
“Collectively, our findings suggest that, due to the combined lipostatic, antiproliferative, and antiinflammatory effects, CBD has potential as a promising therapeutic agent for the treatment of acne vulgaris.”

Cbd, THC and muscle spasms
“Cannabis medicinal extracts can improve neurogenic symptoms unresponsive to standard treatments. Unwanted effects are predictable and generally well tolerated. Larger scale studies are warranted to confirm these findings.”

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