Sodium Bicarbonate for Energy & Recovery

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Baking Soda as a Supplement for Endurance and General Health


This is fast becoming my favourite supplement.

It’s great for my general aches and pains

I normally get a pain in my foot and hand, but since taking 5-10g of baking soda for the last week, it’s completely gone.

I also feel much more energised. In training and just in general. Honestly.  I’m allergic to dust and all sorts and often feel pretty foggy and lethargic, but that’s not happened at all since I started taking baking soda.

Even the Daily hate-mail agrees that baking soda gives you more energy.

I haven’t wrestled or sparred since I started taking it, so I can’t so how effective it is in terms of improving performance and muscular endurance.


Health Benefits of Baking Soda

  • Great for indigestion – it can also cause it, don’t take before meals
  • Cancer prevention – if you believe the theories about cancer and pH/acidity. It certainly does something – a study here
  • Improved kidney function
  • Shoe deodoriser!


Side Effects of Baking Soda

Indigestion if you take it before food.

It can also upset your stomach if you take too much.

Studies on baking soda and endurance, show that 30g improves performance.  However, I would strongly suggest starting with 2/3g in a glass of water and building up each day to around 5g, three times per day.

I bought the Health Leads version from Amazon.

I did NOT receive it for free, I paid my hard earned.

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