Joe Rogan Experience #854 – Louie Simmons



Louie is a World Famous Powerlifter

He created the WestSide Barbell training routine/method.

You can download the book / training manual here.

Bell Squat Machine
Louie says you can shadow-wrestle and do other exercises with it and it will decompress your spine


Reverse Hyper Machine
Another Louie Simmons invention – touted as being amazing for back injuries


High Cholesterol & High Fat Diets Lead to Higher Testosterone
There’s a suggestion by Joe that ketogenic diets, full of a range of fats, increase testosterone levels.

I’d like to refer back to Rhona Patrick here, who suggests that saturated fats are bad for some people, it all depends on your genetic makeup.

Louie said he gets his athletes to train a lot with weighted wheelbarrows doing sprints and also with Yokes.

His athletes don’t do regular deadlifts or squats
They use bands over the bar, chains etc.
“Accommodating resistance”
You build great acceleration in the lifts

Good quote
“Normal people, only give you normal results”

Louie Simmons says he has taken steroids for over 40 years without a break, and still takes testosterone. He used to take dbol and equipoise when training.

I’m not a big fan of Louie Simmons after this podcast.
He has very aggressive views on everything, without much else, except his opinion to back up what he is saying.


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