Magnesium Supplementation for Anxiety & Muscle Recovery

Anxiety, Neck Tension & Headaches

As someone who has suffered for years with constant headaches (first world probs), I’ve tried everything from turmeric to cbd oil.

Cbd oil does actually work pretty well, as it’s an effective muscle relaxant it works well to remove the tension from my neck and back which appears to cause the issues.

CBD oil is expensive though, and it’s getting banned in November anyway.

So I did some research and it appears that magnesium is highly effective for relaxing muscles, and in turn can help with depression and anxiety.

This research paper states that:

Case histories are presented showing rapid recovery (less than 7 days) from major depression using 125-300 mg of magnesium (as glycinate and taurinate) with each meal and at bedtime. Magnesium was found usually effective for treatment of depression in general use…The possibility that magnesium deficiency is the cause of most major depression and related mental health problems including IQ loss and addiction is enormously important to public health and is recommended for immediate further study.

Magnesium is a great natural muscle relaxant, it also reduces blood pressure by relaxing ‘arterial smooth muscle‘.

Which Form of Magnesium?

I tried the Magnesium spray which appeared pretty effective.

From reading a few threads on Reddit, I now also use (a small amount) of the Natural Calm Magnesium drink as well.

It’s pretty acidic tasting, I put it in my herbal tea in the mornings.
I use about 5g per day, and use the spray on my neck and shoulders.

So far, I feel much less anxious.

I’d say I get mild anxiety, but the last week I’ve had no anxiety.

Here’s a video of me reviewing the drink:


Update – I’ve been taking 600mg magnesium in tablet form as the drink is a bit too acidic. The tablets are just as effective.

Magnesium for Recovery

It’s also great for muscle recovery from training, and for sleep.

I also use baking soda for recovery and energy.

Be careful with this combo, as one is acidic (the magnesium) and the baking soda is very alkaline.

Plus, both can make you poop for Britain if you have too much. So start with 1g of each, separately, away from meals.


*Diet and take supplements at your own risk. Always consult a doctor*

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