Joe Rogan Experience with Alex Jones

Eddie Bravo was on this podcast too:


Alex Jones is a commentator on politics and is regarded as a conspiracy theorist. He has a growing following after some of his theories have turned out to be true. He is pro-Trump.

They talk about how the internet is killing television and mainstream media

They talk about Anthony Weiner and how Alex had stated before he was arrested that he was into ‘underage’ movies etc.

The rest of the podcast is either crazy or eye-opening…Alex would say
“mah sources tell me that…” and go on to describe some crazy sounding stuff, including:

They discuss Buzz Aldrin saying that there was a monolith on Mars – which might actually be true by the looks of it more info

Barrack Obama is apparently a big fan of gay prostitutes – there is a book related to this theory

They discuss the CIA drug trafficking –  Wikipedia link

American troops allegedly protecting opium fields

Doppler Radars controlling the weather

Alex Jones says there is a nuclear reactor in Texas

Alex says we did go to the moon, but the video footage is probably fake

I don’t want to really go into too much detail for anything else, as I don’t want my blog showing up for some of the potential search-terms. Please have a listen yourself!

I wasn’t too sure about Alex Jones, and thought maybe he was just a big, charismatic character – They’re always trying to flog bodybuilding and health supplements at the same time as talking politics; which seems odd.
The Infowars store is here.

Who knows though, the true is out there…maybe beings from another dimension are speaking to us…


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2 Responses to Joe Rogan Experience with Alex Jones

  1. Jones is an utter hack. It’s a damned shame to see his idiocy gaining so much traction.

    • Drew says:

      I was interested until I watched one of his live FB videos and he was selling testosterone supplements at the same time as touting theories. Which may or may not be true, but still…

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