Can Conor beat Floyd?

Well, the simple answer is – “yes, but it’s unlikely”

Conor was beaten on the feet by Nate Diaz, who had him in big trouble & close to getting knocked out before Conor was forced to shoot for a double leg takedown, which ultimately led to him getting mounted and choked.


A few things to remember though:

  • Floyd may want to make the fight entertaining & spend ages humiliating Conor – thereby leaving himself open to possible counters
  • Floyd is known for his defence & Conor likes to counter (See Alvarez & Aldo fights). It’s possible that Conor may force Floyd to take an aggressive approach
  • Floyd uses lots of sneaky grappling techniques (see video) which he may not be able to pull off against Conor
  • Conor is better at trash talking & might get Mayweather angry enough to make an Aldo style mistake
  • Conor is younger and bigger than Floyd
  • Floyd normally has a reach advantage but Conor has a 3.5 inch reach advantage
  • Conor has nothing much to lose
  • There might be loopholes in boxing rules that Conor could exploit – Like throwing a superman punch
  • Nobody knows what Conor is going to do!


Conor is the bigger fighter, so he may try and grab or use his weight on Floyd whenever they get ‘toe-2-toe’. He will no doubt have studied Mayweather’s style quite intricately, and it’s possible that his team may spot some opportunities for Conor to land punches.

For example when Floyd does his trademark Cross & Roll, Conor could throw a low hook and look to score a punch or just hit him with a ‘cuff’. Conor won’t be worried too much if he KO’s him with a forearm instead of a fist.


Floyd Mayweather’s other trademark technique is his high elbow shoulder roll defence which he uses to stay in range and counter.

Shane Mosley had success against Mayweather by going to the body aggressively with straight punches and making him drop his guard:


The lean back and shoulder roll are used by both fighters – going to the body is generally the best way to counter this:

MMA Techniques in Boxing

I’m not 100% sure what the rules are, or even if any of these techniques would be a good idea against someone like Floyd Mayweather –

Some of these might be clutching at straws a little, but it’s possible he might try something such as a:

  • Superman Punch
  • Throw a dummy high kick to obscure Floyd’s view and follow up with a punch

whatever the hell this is:

In fact, I don’t see any of those MMA techniques working so I still think Mayweather will win easily! He’s the best defensive boxer of all time with a left shoulder he uses like a shield and reflexes like a cat on meth…

The real question should be “can Conor land a clean punch?”


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