Bula Kava House Review – Akau Blend


Use a muslin bag to soak the kava powder, knead it & squeeze the bag to get your drink

Where to Buy Kava in the UK

I ordered this kava from https://www.bulakavahouse.com/ approximately 3 weeks ago. It takes a while to come due to the fact that I’m in the UK, and the shop is based in the USA.

I choose the Akau blend because it’s the most stimulating strain according to the website. The last kava I ordered from ebay, would just make me feel completely sedated.

I’ve been suffering with a stiff back and neck for years – too much wrestling and sitting down all day in an office. My back went into a very painful spasm recently, it’s nearly recovered now (still stiff) but my back, was the main reason for purchasing the kava.

I use a foam roller, I stretch everyday, but I’ve always found muscle relaxants by far the most effective way of treating my back and neck. Natural ones such as magnesium and kava, and kratom (before they banned it) make a huge difference, whereas 40 minutes of yoga – keeps me supple but in terms of stiffness in my back, it doesn’t touch the sides.

The Bula Kava House kept me up to date with my oder via email, not much else they could have done, so all good.

Akau Kava Review

Very nice feeling of wellbeing, my painful back has eased off, I actually feel like going for a run – it’s quite an invigorating blend.

I feel very focused too, which I wasn’t expecting. Nice stuff.

What is Kava (AKA Kava Kava)?

It is the native drink of the South Pacific Islanders, some people actually say the reason they are so happy, is because of kava!

When it become ‘westernised’ the companies who grew the kava, harvested the whole plant to make the drink. The root is the only part that should be used however and the rest is liver toxic. Never mix any type of kava with alcohol. My friend did this and was sick all night.

Ensure you use a reputable supplier that only uses the kava root in their powder

Kava for Anxiety

Kava has shed-loads of research behind it for treating anxiety. See the Examine website for more information 🙂

You may wish to research on the kava-forums as to which kava is best for anxiety

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