Goals for the rest of 2017

goal setting

Training Goals

Outcome Goals

  • Shoulder Mobility – To be able to grip my hands behind my back By January 1st
  • Do 10 Turkish Get Ups with 8kg weight by January 1st
  • MMA – Have an effective standing & guard guillotine choke by January 1st
  • MMA – Be able to skip, without tripping for 2.5 minutes by January 1st
  • Boxing – Be on the balls of my feet constantly for a 3 minute round by Jan 1st

Process Goals – Methods for Achieving the Outcomes

  • Stretch shoulders twice per day
  • Do Turkish get ups 2 sets, twice per week.
  • Drill guillotines
  • Skip each week at the gym
  • Shadow box daily

Happiness Goals

Outcome Goals

  • To Feel More Optimistic
  • To Feel Positive more often

Process Goals – How Will I Achieve the Outcome Goals

  • Best possible self exercise x 1 per week
  • Give gratitude Daily – List 3 things
  • Letter of compassion exercise x 1 per week
  • Eat Well – no sugar, wheat, dairy
  • Yoga x 3 times a week
  • Meditate – use gym sessions at work as moving meditation
  • Don’t watch/listen to the news


Best Possible Self – Describe your best possible self in 1 year’s time.
e.g “In 1 year’s time, I will be managing all the paid advertising in work and will be chilled as I’ve been practising yoga everyday. I’ll be sleeping well because my daughter will be sleeping well too!”

Letter of Compassion – Pretend your a friend (of yourself) and write a letter to yourself about your good points and strengths
e.g. Drew you are awesome because you’ve read more books than anyone else in Wrexham and listen to Joe Rogan’s podcasts. You’ve got a large skillset in terms of work and you’re great at coaching people as you’re patient.
Keep learning as it’s good for your character and brain and don’t listen to anyone who think you’re weird, just because you read studies & not tabloid newspapers! Be yourself, you are ace.


When journalling gratitude it’s good to say why you are grateful:

“Today I am grateful for my computer, it’s great because I can share my thoughts with my friends and a whole online community which makes me feel much better

I am grateful for the wealth of knowledge on Youtube, it’s great because I learn new skills all of the time

I am grateful for my body, because it allows me to do lots of amazing things from typing, writing to MMA”



In 2018, I’m hoping to get back to deadlifts and some Olympic lifts if yoga loosens my back off enough.

By 2019 I’m hoping to be enlightened.



Additional goal –

To do this visualisation every week:


and to focus on visualising on a positive outcome, in relation to anything that I’m irrationally worried about

About Drew

MMA, Fitness & Marketing enthusiast from North Wales, UK. A Stoic Hippy with no hair. Not to boast but - 1st Class Degree in Sports Science from Loughborough, MSc in Nutrition from the University of Liverpool. 20 years experience of weight & fitness training.
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2 Responses to Goals for the rest of 2017

  1. Hannah Louise says:

    Great set of goals! I wish you luck ๐Ÿ™‚

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