Airistech Nokiva Dry Herb Vaporizer Review (2020)

I have NO affiliation with this product or with Amazon. Honest review!

Excellent piece of kit.

You have to press the on-button 5 times to get it started up, and 5 times to stop it.

Very little smoke is produced, so ideal for vaping indoors. The smoke is clear and virtually odourless.

It heats up between 149 and 224 Celsius, it takes approximately 1 minute to get to the max temperature.

You can buy from Amazon here.


You can use a range of herbs including lavender, damiana and even catnip. Not sure about that last one!

I imagine most people will be looking to vape cannabis however, I’m reliably informed that it is excellent for this too.

The issue with a lot of cannabis is that it is bred/grow to have lots of THC and a much lower level of CBD. Whilst THC does have some medicinal benefits, the ratio of THC/CBD is far from ideal. In addition, unless you are, or you know the grower, there’s a good chance that chemicals such as pesticides may have been used on the herb, making it more unhealthy and minimising any medicinal properties in regards to inflammation etc.

If you are interested, here’s an infographic I made about the benefits of non-psychoactive CBD oil.


cbd oil infographic

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