NSI 189 Review (Suprising ‘Side Effect’)

NSI 189 is a nootropic drug that is still in the clinical-experimental stages of research. It has been shown in studies to alleviate major depressive symptoms and to increase the size of the hippocampus (the ’emotional’ part of the brain) by generating new brain cells. Depression & loss of brain cells are both related issues in the world of MMA.

Check out Cat Zigano for example, discussing the issues on the Joe Rogan Podcast.




There is some good information about NSI 189 on the self-hacked website and also on reddit.com:



NSI 189 for Depression

I’ve had depression & anxiety literally since I can remember. It hit it’s peak post-university-graduation. It was a bit of a vicious cycle, I’d feel depressed, lethargic and extremely ‘foggy’ and then (understandably to a certain extent) people treated me like I was thick as sh!t (despite having a first class degree & an MSc) and then I’d feel sorry for myself, more depressed and worse…I was suicidal on and off for a few years.

Anyway, pity party over, I’ve gone to extreme lengths to take ownership of this problem – I hate it when people blame a black dog or external factors – for me diet, exercise, meditation, getting outdoors more and doing yoga have all had a massive, positive impact on me. Stoic philosophy is also great by the way.

I reached a bit where I was a bit kinda bored and pissed off a lot of the time. So; probably stupidly, after trying lions mane mushroom which also increases brain cells, I thought I’d try NSI 189. I’ve had 4 concussions, one put me in the hospital for a few days, so I thought brain injury might also be something that’s causing my lethargy.

I took 40mg for 6 weeks and my energy levels are definitely up. It doesn’t help with anxiety but I definitely don’t feel like I have to drag myself places, or to work anymore, I’ve got more of a spring in my step.

It’s not something I can recommend, because for all I know my brain might actually be in worse shape a few years down the line – I don’t think there are any long term studies – but if you are very depressed, this, or even psychedelic mushrooms (in a safe & controlled setting with guidance) are potential ‘solutions’.


NSI 189 Review

For me, 1 month later, I can say I’ve had some good results. More energy and a much more vivid eyesight too. Especially when outdoors – outlines and distances seem much clearer – it’s pretty cool.

Oh the surprising side effect – this was the improvement in my depth perception and long distance eyesight!

Good luck and please leave a comment with any questions



Article for Entertainment Only. Consult your doctor etc.



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