Yoga for – Back & Neck Pain – 10 Mins a Day (.pdf)

A combination of yoga, stretching and trigger point therapy is best for bad backs and next. Avoid sitting for long periods if possible. The Paleo squat is a good alternative to sitting. The World’s Greatest Stretch is an excellent whole body stretch that can be done each morning and evening for a good foundation of flexibility and mobility.

I’m not able to do my current yoga routine – well I probably could but don’t want to leave little JC in front of the TV for too long.

This is the routine that I’m currently doing to stop my neck and back from hurting too much. Its possibly the worst Youtube video ever but fairly entertaining thanks to Jc.

If you only have a few minutes each day to stretch, I would recommend the World’s Greatest Stretch, as shown below…

  • Paleo Squat x 30 secs
Paleo Squat
  • Paleo Squat Narrow stance x 30 secs

This is the same as the picture above but feet & knees are touching/together & still pointing forwards

  • Worlds greatest stretch x 20
worlds greatest stretch
World’s Greatest Stretch. Right Foot in front, Left Knee on the floor. Left Hand Down, Right hand reaches back
  • Glute Stretch x 2 x 30 secs
Glute Stretch
  • Side angle pose x 4 (2 each side) x 30 secs
Side Angle Pose
  • Triangle Pose x 2 x 30 secs
Triangle Pose
  • Supine Twist x 2 x 30 secs
Supine Twist

This is the same routine in a table:

Yoga Workout 
Exercise Sets Hold Time 
Paleo Squat Hold 30 secs 
Narrow Stance Paleo Squat 1 min 
Worlds Greatest Stretch 10 each side 
Glute Stretch 2 โ€“ 1 each side 1 minute hold 
Side Angle Pose 2 โ€“ 1 each side 30 seconds 
Triangle Pose 2 โ€“ 1 each side 30 seconds 
Supine Twist 2 โ€“ 1 each side 1 min 

Download as a pdf

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