Yoga Poses – Dandasana or Staff/Stick Pose

Dandasana or Staff/Stick Pose

The Stick pose can be difficult for general population – office workers and static standing jobs can ‘re-align’ the body.

Problems with sitting jobs – passive lengthening of neck muscles and forward head carriage, rounded shoulders, tight hips, lower back, shoulders, pelvis incorrectly aligned – causing tightness on abdominals. Hamstrings are tight and calves often tight too.

As a teacher, get the client to bend knees slightly if hamstrings tight. Use blocks for hands by the sides to bring shoulder blades together.

Also use blocks under knees. Get the client to hold this pose everyday for a few days to help with mobility. After that, the client can look to do other poses like forward fold etc.

You can also use a wall to help your client. Should, elbow and wrist to be in one line – vertically aligned.

Lift toes towards face, to engage the quadriceps.

Checkpoints for this pose:

Neutral arch in spine, shoulder blades contracted, arm aligned vertically, toes activated (brought upwards), pelvis neutral, hamstrings not tight.

Images from the amazing, Yoga Alliance Approved – SiddhiYoga Course

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