Andrew Huberman Podcast Notes -Episode 12 – Motivation & Drive

Notes taken mainly from memory, please listen to the podcast to confirm

Andrew Huberman Podcast Episode 12 Notes how to increase motivation and drive

  • Dopamine is released in anticipation
    Dopamine makes u take action, usually towards some kind of goal
  • novelty is key in motivation, and novelty e.g. the concept of a new task or a new reward will release more dopamine
  • Dopamine is a substrate for adrenaline
  • Nicotine increases dopamine by 150%

Dopamine is a double-edged-sword

There’s a crash associated with dopamine. Like the proverbial pleasure and pain hypothesis. There’s a release of prolactin after a dopamine increase
Prolactin makes us search for whats next.

Dopamine and food- dopamine is released but we want more and more because of prolactin

  • Intermittent positive reinforcement is related to dopamine relase and is what makes social media and gambling addictive. A psychologist did some interesting experiments with pigeons back in the day and these principles are still used today to keep people addicted to certain behaviours.
  • If you want to keep yourself or your team motivated, interimmitently reward success with some kind of celebration. For example, randomly, one in three times your team gets a scientific paper published, reward them – don’t reward them each time and don’t reward in any kind of a patten.
  • serotonin makes us feel content, we need dopamine to find and try new things

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below is a video about skinner’s pigeon experiments

Just to emphasise, my Andrew Huberman podcast notes shown above are paraphrased and you should watch or listen to the show yourself for 100% accuracy.

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