Supplements for Fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue 

Always speak to your doctor before changing your diet or taking supplements

Article for informational purposes only

A whole food diet should be the foundation of any treatment. I personally found going dairy free made a huge difference

Gut Health

Leaky gut is a big problem and can be caused by a poor diet and taking too many NSAIDS like ibuprofen.

To repair or maintain a healthy gut wall, I use collagen and glutamine. I also eat fermented foods three times a day to maintain a healthy gut micrbiome.


Around 60% of Americans are deficient in magnesium. Magnesium is great for relieving muscle tension and anxiety. Chelated or glycinated versions of magnesium or absorbed the best.

Palmitoylethanolamide (PEA)

A natural anti-inflammatory found in soya. It’s working really well for me at the moment

PEA is also great for mental health.

Niacin – Vitamin B3

The flush effect from niacin can be really uncomfortable, so start off with a small dosage, say 50mg.

Niacin is a strong anti-inflammatory that may also benefit cardiovascular health

Niacin has been used for decades to lower the plasma concentrations of cholesterol, free fatty acids, and triglycerides in humans, and in addition it raises more than any other drug the levels of the protective high density lipoprotein. These effects have been used to treat dyslipidemic states. Trials have shown that treatment with niacin reduces progression of atherosclerosis, and clinical events and mortality from coronary heart disease. The beneficial clinical efficacy of niacin appropriately emphasizes the prominent role of its lipid-altering effects; however, high expression of niacin receptor in a variety of immune cell types, lowering of inflammatory markers, and beneficial impact on adipokines expression could provide rational to the hypothesis that anti-inflammatory effect is also an important property of niacin on atherosclerosis beyond its lipid-altering effects.

Beta Alanine

I’ve personally found beta alanine is great for muscle aches and pains. I have it with or after food, otherwise it upsets my stomach.

Ice and heat therapy have also been very beneficial. For example, ice baths and hot baths.

Finally – it might also be worth getting your hormone levels checked. Pregnenolone and DHEA have had some quite startling results for some people that I know. Start off with just 5mg of each however, they tend to come in 50 or 100mg capsules which is too much for most people.

Other Supplements

For energy:

  • Organic greens powders containing kale etc
  • High EPA omega 3
  • PQQ
  • COQ10
  • Adaptogens such as ginseng and rhodiola rosea
wim hof
Wim Hof Breathing – Breath in as powerfully as you can 30 times & then hold your breath. Repeat 3 times. Then jump in a cold shower

cold exposure and the wim hof method are also great techniques for increasing energy levels.

cold exposure reduces inflammation, increases dopamine and noradrenaline levels for hours.

Mt favourite stack for energy at the moment is


– coq10

  • choline


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