Resistance Band Deadlifts – How to Do Deadlifts with a Band

Deadlifts are a key compound exercise for developing strength in the glutes, lower back, legs and to a certain degree the upper back and traps. Resistance bands are great for beginners because they’re so easy to use, but also an advanced tool for developing power and “lock out” strength.

  • Deadlift at your own risk – for informational purposes only

Deadlift Resistance Bands Only

To perform a deadlift with just a resistance band:

  • Grab the band with both hands
  • Step onto the middle of the band*
  • Look forwards, draw your belly button in to activate your core
  • Squeeze your shoulders blades together and pull your shoulders back slightly
  • Squat downwards as you breathe out
  • Pause for a second at the bottom of the movement
  • Maintain a flat back and drive with your feet to squat back upwards
  • Drive with your glutes/butt to finish the deadlift and “lock out”

*Best to wear trainers/sneakers to stop the band from slipping from underneath your foot. Keep the band in the middle of the sole of your foot or slightly in front of the middle.

If you want to build strength, you will either have to use multiple bands or use a really thick looped band.

Resistance Band Kettlebell Deadlift

To perform a deadlift with a band and kettlebell – take a loop resistance band and tie it/loop it around the kettlebell handle.

Hold the kettlebell handle with 2 hands and step onto the ‘free’ end of the loop resistance band

Looking forwards, with a flat back, deadlift the kettlebell whilst standing on the band

Remember to keep your core tight, shoulders back/pinched together and to take 2-3 seconds to complete the upward phase, pause at the top, then complete the downward phase. This is unless you are training for power and explosive hips – in which case perform the upward phase of the deadlift as quickly as possible – just make sure you are warm first and you do a few lighter warm up sets.

The kettlebell and resistance band deadlift is generally relatively easy at the bottom of the movement, but then as the band stretches near the top or lock-out phase, the tension quickly increases.

The exercise is great for power and developing explosive hips.

If you are generally interesting in kettlebells, please check out this guide I wrote.

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