Cricket Gym Training Programme · .pdf · [2022]

Ideally, each cricket player should undergo a number of fitness tests and also have bloodwork taken to determine their baseline level of fitness, current stress & inflammation levels and to identify strengths and weaknesses.

The following programme is a generalised workout routine for cricket strength and conditioning. Ideally a routine should be personalised, specific to each position/playing style and periodised, with the volume of training reduced during the season.

Make sure you warm up with 5-10 minutes of steady state cardio and dynamic stretching.

Perform 2 or 3 light “warm up sets” before each exercise, before performing your working sets.

Day 1

Single Leg Hip Bridges10 (each side)2
Barbell Bench Press*102
Plyometric/Depth Press Ups63
Medicine Ball Overhead Throws63
Medicine Ball Slams62
Chin Ups10 (or max)2
Multi-directional Lunges12 (total)2
Rotating Plyo Jumps62
Band resisted backwards walks20 seconds3

*If you have any shoulder injuries or issues, you can replace the barbell bench press with a floor press either with a barbell, dumbbell or kettlebell. Using less weight with a chain or band can also help alleviate any issues with shoulders and to a certain extent elbows.

Day 3

Barbell Front Squat84
Hex Bar Jumps*62
Barbell Glute Bridges82
One arm Row10 per arm2
Cable wood chops10 per side2
Hanging Leg RaisesMax2
Plank hold1 minute
Tib Raises102
Band Assisted Lunges10 (total)2
Band resisted sideways walks15 seconds each direction3

*Avoid this exercise if you have any lower back or knee issues. Always seek professional guidance.

Day 5

Barbell Front Squat83
Pallof Press63
High Pulls63
Medicine Side Ball Slams122
Medicine Ball Oblique throws8 a side2
Lateral Bounds102
Nordic Hamstring CurlsMax2

Rotator Cuff Exercises

With all the strain on the shoulders with throwing and bowling a cricket ball, it’s important to reducethe risk of injury, with appropriate rest, stretching and rotator cuff exercises:


Ideally, any athlete should stretch every day. use a combination of light, long duration stretches and dynamic stretches.

Relax into Stretch is a great book about stretching. Ensure that you are warm and relaxed when stretching, and use slow & deep breaths to relax the body.

The World’s Greatest Stretch is a great overall body stretch that can be done each day.

Some Exercises Included in the Programme

Single Leg Hip Bridge

Nordic Curls

Lateral Bounds

Tibialis Raises

Download the Training Programme .pdf below:

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