Drew Griffiths

This blog is written by me, Drew Griffiths.

I like to write articles on Fitness, MMA and nutrition.

I attended the UK’s best university for Sport Science – Loughborough and graduated with first class honours.

I also have an MSc in Exercise & Nutrition from the University of Liverpool*
and a Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM/CAM) Diploma in Digital Marketing from the Oxford College of Marketing.

*My MSc was awarded by the University of Liverpool, but was actually completed/studied at the University of Chester. In 2021, I wrote an article about my MSc for the University of Chester blog here.

I have a passion for organic foods and wellbeing. I feel like there is a lot of misinformation about regarding the the importance of diet and exercise when it comes to treating a range of mental health and physical problems and diseases – with pills being over-prescribed.

I am trying to learn code at the moment, I have just completed W3 Schools certificates in PHP, HTML 5 and JavaScript.

I used to be personal trainer, I’ve had 8 amateur MMA fights and 1 full contact kickboxing fight; now I just do jiu jitsu competitions.

I have written for a number of blogs & websites including:



Business2Community ,



CareerFuel.net and have contributed to several martial arts publications

Find me on Twitter – @MMATRAINING1980
and Google + and Linkedin and youtube

I’ve also uploaded a copy of my CV



I also like cows

My dodgy MMA video:

MMA Station - Top MMA Blog

Here’s my fight in 2007 for the Grapple & Strike LHW Title Vs Jack Marshman

2 Responses to Drew Griffiths

  1. carl says:

    I randomly came across your site. Your my kind of dude. I also do MMA, Jiu Jitsu, Muay Thai…. Web/Graphic Design and Internet Marketing. If you feel like connecting, you can find me at http://carlaraneta.com/blog (excuse my website, it’s currently getting revamped)

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