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Training Goals for Summer 2018

I basically want to become an enlightened, humble MMA meathead. Training Goals: Outcome Goals Fix Back & Neck (make them less, painfully stiff) Fix Golfer’s Elbow – so it’s not constantly painful Improve Left Hip mobility so I can do … Continue reading

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DIY Viagra & Natural Herbs to Boost Fertility & Testosterone

To Increase Testosterone Levels Naturally* Zinc – 50mg to 100mg per day Fenugreek – 1 to 2g per day Optional Extras: Magnesium D-Aspartic Acid – 4-6g per day (take for 10 days, then take 10 days off) Tongkat Ali – … Continue reading

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Why Every MMA Fighter Should Learn to Fight Southpaw

I remember one of the first times that I attended a boxing class – the first thing I was asked was “what ‘handed’ are you?”, to which I replied – right handed – “orthodox stance then” was the reply. I’m … Continue reading

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Infographic: A Beginner’s Guide to UFC

It’s only in the last decade or so that UFC has broken into the mainstream consciousness, but the organization is 25 years old in 2018. That’s right, it was established as far back as 1993 and existed on a small … Continue reading

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Increase Recovery, Reduce Inflammation & Increase Energy with Grounding Grounding (AKA Earthing) has been dubbed as the biggest health discovery of the 21st century and is thought to provide a range of health benefits for help with chronic pain, insomnia … Continue reading

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Boxer’s Diet & Boxer’s Diet Plan

Boxer’s Diet Plan for Weight Loss A lot of boxers and boxing coaches are eager to learn about cutting weight for a fight. This is why the phrase “boxer’s diet to lose weight fast” is searched thousands of times each … Continue reading

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Dad Bod Home Workout

I’ve noticed that people don’t listen etc unless you’re ripped/lean etc. so anyway – I popped my topless cherry with this 5 minute workout: Dad Bod Back, Traps & Biceps Workout Location is variable but for effect I’ve chosen the … Continue reading

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