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Being part of the UK fitness blogging community has both its pros and its cons.

Blogs can be a great resource in terms of both education & inspiration.

However, many are very misleading. The bloggers are paid to give positive reviews on products and many male bloggers and ‘experts’ are clearly taking steroids, providing unrealisitc goals and aspirations.

Just bear this in mind and take everything you see & read with a pinch of pink salt!

I’m not hating – I just don’t want people to have unhealthy body images or take unnecessary supplements.

Tips for Fitness-Blogging

Write some ‘cornerstone content’
There’s many ways to skin a cat but my advice would be to create 3 or 4 amazing, in-depth pieces of content.

Many bloggers have made their reputation with 3 or 4 outstanding pieces of content in their niche; they continually expand and update this content too.

It’s also important to post regularly on social media and semi-regularly on your blog, but I would emphasise quality over quantity.

I have attempted to do this with my articles on Boxer’s Diet, The Roundhouse Kick and fighting a taller opponent. This 3 blog posts gain the majority of my blog’s traffic.

Build Some Links to Your Blog

Guest posting can be a good way to get links back to your site. Contact high-authority websites and offer to submit an article to their site. Some sites will allow you to place a link back to your site in your ‘author bio’. This is invaluable for Google Rankings.

Guest posting has lost a lot of its value in the last few years – as people were submitting thousands in exchange for money to manipulate Google rankings. However, doing 1 or 2 per year is a sound and above-board way to improve your rankings.

Offline marketing campaigns are also a great idea – if you can get featured in the local press by attempting to break a record, or doing something great for charity, this can also help boost your rankings and social following.

Make your content visual too. People love infographics, videos and pictures. Bullet points are also good as are subheadings.

I create graphics in Adobe Illustrator or sometimes using

Boxing supplements is great for free photographs

WordPress Blogs

Choosing a ‘blogging platform’ is also something that you’ll have to do.

WordPress is the most popular, you can get a free blog from

You will still have to pay for your domain name/website address if you choose a blog. You will also have to pay if you want to get rid of any adverts on your blog, or if you want to get Google Analytics.

See the blog pricing structure here.

Alternatively, use a hosting company such as TSO host and set up a website using the WordPress platform. This is slightly more complicated to set up:

Fitness Blogging in The UK

My cynical view…(well Stoic anyway). We are visual creatures and to be taken seriously and for people to listen to what you have to say – you have to look the part.

Many knowledgeable scientists, professors etc have profound knowledge in terms of the best ways to get fit, but nobody would ever subscribe to their blog because they don’t have 17 inch biceps.

Having said that…you have to accept and be stoic about these things…

I would emphasise that it’s important to gain knowledge from a range of sources and don’t rely on one blogger to inform you completely on fitness & nutrition.

Signs of a Knowledgable Fitness Blogger

  • In the UK, fitness programmes are spelt “programmes” not “programs”
  • Credentials – What Qualifications does the fitness blogger have?
  • Experience – How old is the fitness blogger? Does a 20 year old blogger know how exercises can impact your long term?
  • Not crticising others in the fitness industry!*

*By this I mean – not aggressively criticising the nutritional advice given by another professional. Sometimes this is reasonable, however nutrition has become a lot like religion, with different ideologies etc and all have their pros and cons which have to be aligned with the individual in question. I don’t like to hear or see bloggers aggressively criticising different diets without a range of scientific data to back up what they are saying.


Fitness & Nutrition Bloggers to Follow

Most of these are American but they’re the ones I would recommend following on social media and/or via their blogs

Dr. Rhonda Patrick

Chris Kresser

Dr Axe

Ross Edgely’s Social Media (For all round inspiration)

My Fitness & MMA Credentials

For what it’s worth:

  • A First Class Honours Degree from Loughborough University in Sport & Exercise Science
  • A Master’s Degree in Exercise & Nutrition Science from the University of Liverpool
  • 15 Years’ Experience in the Fitness Industry
  • 8 Amateur MMA fights
  • 1 Full Contact Kickboxing fight
  • Competitor in the Highland Games 2014 – Highland Wrestling

I hope you enjoy my blog. Please feel free to contact me with any questions:



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