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MMA Nutrition Articles

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MMA is short for Mixed Martial Arts

To the meathead and sofa-based-fan, MMA is a violent sport that grabs the attention due to the prospect of a gruesome knockout, a bone-breaking submission or a consciousness-robbing choke.

To others, MMA is a way of life. As the sport is ever-evolving, practitioners should be life-long-learners, looking to improve themselves both mentally & physically to become the best athlete, fighter and person possible.

You can approach the sport in a number of ways. As a competitor, you can get some generic tattoos, take steroids and tell your mates that you’re a cage fighter. Others look to practice the philosophy of Miyamoto Musashi and learn to fight so that you don’t have to (outside of the ring/cage that is). Although to be far Musashi didn’t exactly succeed in not fighting – read the Book of Five Rings to find out more.

Like chess, MMA at its best is both technical and tactical. Every technique has a counter, every counter has a possible re-counter and every technique can be hidden, disguised or dummied. In addition, virtually every technique can be overcome with pure athletic prowess and power, but again re-countered with delicate & pure technique.

The top fighters are disciplined mentally and in top physical shape, with cardiovascular fitness, muscular endurance and explosive power hugely important and often the difference between winning & losing. At its worst, the sport is just two thugs throwing windmill punches at each other; at its best, it is two honourable & highly trained combatants pitching their skills & abilities against one another to see who is the best on that given day.

Love it or hate it, the sport has grown exponentially since in its inception in the 1990s. Read my blog to keep up to date with techniques, tactics and martial arts based philosophies.


what is MMA

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Please send me your own definitions of MMA and I’ll be happy to post!

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