Fitness – Getting Started

A key stumbling block for someone contemplating a fitness regime; isn’t that there’s not enough fitness information available, there’s far too much”

A good guide that I have recently found online is at Monster Supplements, it is an ebook called KickStart 2015; you can click the image below to download a copy:

Fitness – Keep it simple 
If you are completely sedentary and out of shape:
Start off with an “all around” fitness class like boxercise or circuits.  Contact the instructor before hand, explain that you are completely out of shape and are a bit worried etc.  A good instructor will reassure you and tell you that you can drop out of the class whenever you have to etc. until you are fit enough to complete the whole routine

Start weight training.
Weight training is the best way to change your physique.  If your goal is to ‘look good’, then weight training is a must for 99% of people.
I would recommend training with a seasoned friend, or paying a personal trainer to help you with the first 4 or 5 sessions.

There is a complete workout system here

Diet – Keep it simple too
Diet is the hardest part. It’s relatively easy to workout 3 times a week, but diet is a lifestyle, and 24/7.
Cut out sugar and deep fried foods. Cut out takeaways too. That’s probably all you need to do.  When you are at your ideal weight, think about having 1 cheat day, at the weekend.
Another good tip – is mindful eating.
Before you eat anything take a moment to appreciate the work and effort (and potentially suffering) that’s gone it to getting the food harvested, transported etc and be mindful of what you eat throughout the actual eating:
Do not eat anything whilst watching TV, is a great tip.  It’s not complicated, it just requires will power.

Goal Setting
As out outlined in the Monster Supplements book, goal-setting is important.
Set a specific Outcome Goal – e.g. “I want to get to a 32 inch waist by March 1st”
And set Process Goals – “I will achieve this by cutting out all sugar and deep fried foods”
“I will go to the gym twice a week”

This helps keep you focused and motivated. Remember these goals by printing them and putting them on your fridge.
By mindful of these goals when food-shopping too.

Extra Help
A training-partner, a personal trainer or even an interactive fitness form like or will help keep you motivated.
The first month or two is always the hardest.
Remember however, that exercises is very addictive, as is the concept of ‘mastery’ and improvement.  As soon as you see improvements, and progression; chances are you’ll be hooked.
The hardest part is making it part of a routine and keeping it up for the first month or two.


Here’s an infographic, based on the ebook:


Fitness infographic




And here’s version with me on it:


Fitness infographic



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