How to lose weight

Losing Weight Fast!

Ignore that heading, I just put it there for SEO purposes and to grab your attention. Sorry. You need a general healthy lifestyle, not a quick fix.  Having said that…

Here’s my top tips:

1. Ignore all the juice, herbalife diets etc.  They are overpriced and lots of the products are really low quality

2. Stop eating sugar, deep fried food and take-aways (especially those with lots of cheese and/or sauce). Stop over-complicating things and looking into the pros and cons of eating fruit and jacket potatoes. 90% of people just need to cut out the pure shyte that they eat.  This is very difficult I know (I love a hob nob or two), but should be the main focus of any attempts to lose weight and body fat

3. If that doesn’t work – cut down on refined, white carbs, such as white bread and rice

4. If that doesn’t work – reduce portion sizes

5. Drink plenty of water and green tea

6. Only buy good foods at the supermarket, this is where healthy eating begins

7. If you eat a lot in the evening, try and get some kind of hobby that will get you outside or keep your mind (and preferably body) active in the evenings.  Classic fat gain occurs due to sitting on the sofa, a bit depressed, scoffing your face out of boredom

8. Eat loads of fresh veg’, organic meat, wild fish. Make an effort to prepare your meals for work and for the evening (a ball-ache I know).  Have a comprehensive breakfast, lunch and dinner – with protein, good fats, and some high quality “low GI” carbohydrates

9. Mindful Eating. Try not to eat for the sake of it, or eat whilst your mind is on something else.  If you’re religious, say Grace, if not, just spend a few moments to appreciate where the food came from, the man-hours and effort put in to get it to you and your plate.  Pause and take a good sniff too (if it smells nice), and then eat your food slowly.
Don’t eat mindlessly whilst watching TV
More info here.

You should also do exercise whilst you are losing weight; to ensure that you don’t lose muscle and experience a lower metabolic rate as a result

If you hate exercise, fear not, doing “1 set training” has been shown in several studies to be as effective as longer sessions; especially in people who are unfit or untrained to begin with – study

So you could probably get away with doing 10 minutes, 2 or 3 times a week if your diet is bob-on.

Diet fast weight loss

I know nothing, diet and exercise at your own risk

I’d recommend buying some strength bands and doing a 10 minute routine.
This website is a good resource.  Remember to do each repetition slowly, 3 seconds up, 3 seconds down, and keep your back stable (no rocking and swaying as you do bicep curls for example). It may even be worth hiring a personal trainer for an hour or 2 just to get you into the swing of things (not literally)

If you do want to get into exercise, I’d recommend going somewhere as ‘non-commercial’ as possible.  A small class (or gym), near where you live, with lots of social interaction will get you going back every week. As opposed to a commercial gym full of meatheads and posers that might not give you the time of day.


A final note on juice and low carb diets that people should be aware of:

For every 1 gram of muscle-carbohydrate (glycogen) your body stores, you hold 3 grams of water.
Low carb diets are therefore very effective at producing short term weight loss, because as you restrict carbs, you will start to lose “water weight”.
You will of course, but all this weight back on as soon as you start eating carbs again.

Here’s a more thorough look at the problem

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  1. Dan Ratcliffe says:

    Good advice mate. I get really confused with all the bullsh*t out there that seems to contradict itself daily! This is simple good advice that I will follow

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