Prostate Cancer and Diet

Diet and Cancer

So, Movember has just ended.
Diet plays a huge part in all kinds of cancers and their prevention.

It’s a bit weird / disappointing that this information is not ‘advertised’ more during November.

After 45 minutes of reading articles, and searching Google Scholar, here’s what I’ve found so far:

Do Eat:
Selenium – Found in Brazil nuts and oily fish

Tomatoes – because they contain lycopene, beta-carotene, vitamin C, and phenols (whatever they are). Eat fresh if possible, tinned ones can contain BPA –  a chemical that causes cancer. I have read that due to the acidity of the tomatoes, the chemicals in the tin, leach out into the food.

Ginger – Study here, showing how effective it can be in treatment and prevention. Here’s another article touting the affects

Vitamin D – ‘comes from’ sunlight, so you may need to supplement if you work indoors – study showing potential benefits

Saw Palmetto – a south american herb. Some studies show this works to treat and prevent prostate enlargement, but a lot don’t.  Side effects don’t really seem to be known, so I wouldn’t recommend taking this long term.

Pumpkin Seeds – Seems to be quite a lot of evidence about that suggests they prevent enlargement of the prostate:

Don’t Eat
Animal fat is related to prostate cancer incidence according to research – reference

Deep fried food in general – is linked to prostate cancer

General Healthy Diet
– Eat less sugar – Lots of studies link high sugar intake, to cancer
– Keep your diet as alkaline as possible. Eat lots of green vegetables, and avoid shyte like cola which is very acidic
– Eat garlic & turmeric
– Eat foods high in probiotics, like good quality dark chocolate, and miso soup

Final note:
Genetics is also a massive factor; so you can never be sure.
Don’t worry though, be happy 🙂

By Drew Griffiths

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