Self Defence for Women

For entertainment purposes only

– “The Fence”
The Fence – this is a concept developed by a guy called Geoff Thompson.
If someone is acting aggressively, or is following you and you confront them, make sure when you’re talking, you gesture (casually) with your hands near your face.
Take a look at this video from 2 minutes in:

If the person carries on acting aggressively
Take a step back and say “hey, I don’t want any trouble”
If they step forward again; you should probably hit them with a palm strike or a jab to the eyes or whatever your favourite strike is.
Run if you can, otherwise you may have to follow up with more strikes

– Grip Breaks
If it’s too late for The Fence, and someone already has hold of you; it would certainly help if you knew how to break grips.
If someone has hold of you and won’t let go however, I think you’d be better of striking them to free yourself.
If the person is tall, and holds you ‘out of range’, try and remember this technique, in this ace retro video:

– Eye Jabs
Just flicking your fingers in someone’s eyes will normally make them let go to turn away

– Ear slaps
Cup your hand and slap him/her on the ear.
Cupping your hand should capture some air, which will be pushed into his/her ear and possibly knock him/her off balance or damage the ear drum
If he/she blocks the ear slap, throw an eye jab with the other hand straight away

– Palm Strikes
– Cup your hand again, but this time drive your palm straight into the chin or nose.
You can even do an open hand strike that hits the chin with the palm and the fingers strike the eyes

– Throat strikes
– I’ve never been taught a throat strike, but it looks like you basically do a horizontally karate chop the throat.
Again, if it gets blocked, follow up with another strike with the other hand

– Head Butts
If all else fails, see if you can pull one of these off:

– Elbows
You can do lots of devastating elbows from standing. However, if you’re never going to practice them, a downward elbow would be one to try and remember.

If you end up on the floor, they can be very effective too, check out 20 secs into this video

If you’re life is in danger, you may have to rake the eyes and bite to get away.  It’s a bit technical but try and go on your side slightly and push yourself away:


If you don’t train any martial art, and want to be able to defend yourself, then I think you pretty much need to fight ‘dirty’.
Headbutts, bites, eye rakes and jabs, are all band in Mixed Martial Arts because they cause so much damage.
Techniques like eye jabs are also fairly simple, so you don’t need to practice them a million times to make them effective.

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