Freestanding Bob XL Punch Bag – Review

Advantages of the Bob XL Dummy

  • Easy to set up
  • No bracket required – just need a space to exercise
  • You can uppercut the head (you can’t uppercut a normal bag)
  • You can clinch and pull down the head
  • You can practice accurate eye, nose & throat strikes

Freestanding Bob Dummy Vs Conventional Heavy Bag

One of the main advantages of a Bob; for many people, is the fact that it is freestanding. If you aren’t particularly good with a drill and/or a hammer, or live in rented accommodation that you can’t modify, then a freestanding punchbag is a great option.

With a freestanding bag, you just need a bit of space to be able to start your boxing workout. Whereas with a conventional punchbag, you’ll also need a bracket to drill into the wall. Many people even use freestanding punchbags in the living room.

The other good thing about a Bob punch bag, is that it is shaped like a person. So you get a better idea of range, landing punches etc compared to a large, bulky punch bag.

The base of the Bob punching bag is filled with water or sand, and is simple to put together – unlike a conventional punch bag – if you don’t have a bracket in place already.

Unique Features of Bob Punch Bag

Shaped like a human – making it better for precision striking and accuracy. Using a heavy punch bag and even pads on their own, can give a false indication of range.

You an also practice landing punches directly on the chin, behind the ear etc. and you can also uppercut the Bob dummy. Which you can’t really do on a conventional heavy bag.

For MMA & Thai boxing, you can also clasp your hands around the back of the head to drill strikes from a Thai clinch

For example, when throwing a hook, a padman will often bring the pad forwards a few inches. This definitely creates a false indication that the hook, has the same range as the straight punches – jab and cross. Try you combinations on the ‘noodles’ and you’ll see what I mean

Tyson Fury using ‘Noodles’ instead of Pads to get an accurate feel for his range

The century Bob XL also has a groin area; handy if you practice JKD, Wing Chun and/or Krav Maga.

Speaking of Krav Maga, the human shape and face is also excellent for practising eye jabs. A favourite move of Jon Jones and Bruce Lee.

bob xl review

The texture & material that the Bob is made from, also feels & reacts much more like human skin/flesh/muscle etc than a normal punch bag.

How Tall is the Century Bob XL?

It’s between 5ft 6 and approx – 6ft 7 tall – depending on how high you set it.

How to clean bob punching dummy

Just wipe it down with some cleaner and a cloth. Glass cleaner works great to get rid of all the superficial dust and dirt.

For more stubborn marks, use a sponge and a mild dishwashing detergent.

Some information from about the BOB:

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