PowerBar2 DoorFrame Chinup Bar

PowerBar2 Review

Purchased from Amazon for

Very impressed with this chin up bar, it’s made of welded metal and is very robust and strong.
I live in a terraced council house (not sure if this is particularly relevant…) and it fitted into my door frame perfectly.

The design cantilevers the weight against the door frame, rather than pulling down.

I was trying to learn Adobe After Effects whilst making this review video. Hence the stupidness of it:

Follow up Video:

Measurements of the bar are shown below

  • maximum door frame is 80cm / 800mm
  • Doorframe needs to stick out 12mm / 1.2cm from the wall
  • When the arms are pulled out, they measure 260mm / 26cm

Pros of the Powerbar 2

  • Very Sturdy
  • No Assembly required
  • Up to 20 stone of bodyweight allowed on the bar
  • New version comes with ruby stoppers to stop marks on the wall
  • Folds up neatly for storage

Article by Drew Griffiths

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