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Hanging from a Bar for Shoulder & Back Pain

Joe Rogan – who else – introduced me to this concept. Hanging from the bar decompresses the back and the intervertebral discs whilst stretching the shoulders. There is a whole book based on hanging from a bar to rehab shoulder … Continue reading

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The Reverse Hyper Machine – AKA “The Joe Rogan Back Machine”

Thanks to his podcast, this piece of kit is often referred to as the “Joe Rogan spinal decompression machine” – Touted by Joe as awesome for back pain & back injuries, the reverse hyper machine (AKA the spinal decompression harness) … Continue reading

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Treating a Stiff Back and Neck

Speak to your Doctor or Physio about treating your back pain. If you have problems with your spinal discs, like a bulging or prolapsed disc you can do more damage than good with ‘self-help’ If you are anything like me, … Continue reading

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