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Yoel Romero Workout [2022] .pdf plan included

I love MMA, because it’s a bit like football / soccer – all body types & physique can find a style that suits. Yoel Romero is a beast, full of explosive power, agility & athleticism. Yoel Romero Workout – Last … Continue reading

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Beginner Functional Training Programme

or ‘program’ if you’re American…   Day 1 Tabata Interval – Dumbbell Squats (or bodyweight squats) Try and do jumping squats for the last 5 reps Bench Press / Push Ups – 2 sets of 8-12 reps Bench Press / … Continue reading

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Too much Weights, Not Enough Speed Work

Some issues I’ve had from doing weights, and then attempting to move onto martial arts. This is a criticism of myself, and nobody else. 1. Tight Muscles I don’t know the exact science around this, but I’m guessing, the bigger … Continue reading

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Strength & Conditioning for MMA – Nick Curson

Podcast, Joe Rogan and Nick Curson. Nick is the strength and conditioning coach of UFC LW champion Rafael Dos Anjos Some interesting points (paraphrased, from memory. Please listen to the podcast yourself for first hand info): Strength for sport, punching … Continue reading

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Flexibility Training

3 studies of interest: Study 1 http://europepmc.org/abstract/med/8531617 – 2 Groups – Flexibility training only – Strength training and Flexibility training combined Flexibility only group increase range of motion and flexibility more than the combined group The results indicate that the … Continue reading

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Plyometrics for Strength and Power

In this study, women completed a 6 week training protocol of either ‘fast’ press ups, or plyometric press ups (free falling down from knees and explosively pressing back up, 1 rep per 4 seconds). The plyometric group experienced significantly greater … Continue reading

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