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Intrinsic Goals vs Extrinsic Goals – How they can hinder success & happiness

Goals have been associated with sports psychology and general high-achievers for several decades. They’re also inherently tied to personal development and Positive psychology. The type of goal you set is in many ways, as important as the outcome. Coaches and … Continue reading

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MMA Strength & Conditioning Infographic

Bit of a work in progress…see our MMA strength and conditioning program and pdf here I would also recommend doing a lot of single leg work, such as Bulgarian Split Squats, single leg plyometrics (be mindful of injuries with plyometrics) … Continue reading

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MuscleTech Gakic Review

Made an emotionally based purchase last week, and shed out £30 on Muscletech Gakic – 2 months supply. Bought it off ebay. I’ve been training with weights for 18 years, and think I’ve maxed out my genetic potential on most … Continue reading

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Great Paper on Natural Bodybuilding

http://www.jissn.com/content/11/1/20 Adequate protein consumption during contest preparation is required to support maintenance of LBM. Athletes require higher protein intakes to support increased activity and strength athletes benefit from higher intakes to support growth of LBM [5,22–28]. Some researchers suggest these requirements … Continue reading

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How to ‘start back at the gym’ in January and not be a bellend

Sorry to be cynical, but writing is how I let off a bit of steam etc. I know people could be doing worse things…maybe; depends where you grade narcissism in the whole scale of ‘worse things’. I can’t help but … Continue reading

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