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Feel Good Happiness Hack – Lockdown Walk

Not sure what the rules are elsewhere, but in the UK we are allowed out once a day for exercise. Green/outdoor exercises has been shown in studies to improve feelings of wellbeing (study here) Saunas have been shown to improve … Continue reading

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Goals for the rest of 2017

Training Goals Outcome Goals Shoulder Mobility – To be able to grip my hands behind my back By January 1st Do 10 Turkish Get Ups with 8kg weight by January 1st MMA – Have an effective standing & guard guillotine … Continue reading

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Study of the erm, week – Lottery Winner V Accident Victims Happiness

http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/690806 Bit of an old one like, but still pretty interesting. According to the clever people that carried out the research in the linked study above; the actual ridiculous happiness felt immediately after winning the lottery, reduces the pleasure obtained from … Continue reading

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Love your Enemy

Robbed this concept from my Dalai Lama book… If everyone is constantly nice to you, if your life is comfortable all the time, then you are likely to be a horrible, angry and just a general bellend. Ever noticed how … Continue reading

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Ted Talk – Stress as a Friend

To summarise: Stress is only harmful, if you view it as bad and unhealthy. It has no effect on health if people view stress as good, and helping them to prepare. The effects of stressful events such as financial difficulties, … Continue reading

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