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The Healthy “Ginseng” Jiaogulan Tea

What is Jiaogulan tea? Jiaogulan tea, is also known as Gynostemmapentaphyllum. It can be bought from most good health food shops and has a taste similar to green tea. It is native to China where it is often referred to as “Southern … Continue reading

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Greek Mountain Tea – Review

  Greek Mountain Tea has a range of benefits Reduces Anxiety (study) Increases brain-power / cognitive function (study) It is a powerful anti-oxidant (study)   It’s a strange one because it increases cognitive performance but also has a mild sedative … Continue reading

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Let it Be – Herbal Tea Review

Let it Be Tea contains: lemon balm, blackberry leaves, green oat, elderflowers, marigold, sunflowers, cornflowers and roseflowers. If you are stressed out then Lemon Balm has long been established as a highly effective, natural remedy to help you relax.  Also … Continue reading

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