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Alternatives to Caffeine – Energy & Alertness

Summary For more short term stimulant-like effect – supplement with ALCAR, Olive Leaf Extract or PQQ For alleviating some of the effects of stress & sleep deprivation – supplement an adaptogen like rhodiola rosea & take 3g of glycine before … Continue reading

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Treating Muscle Pain & Joint Pain

From over-training, to general stress & anxiety, muscle pain & joint pain are increasingly common complaints. Pain can be a direct cause of depression and anxiety, but equally mental health issues including stress, can be the cause of the pain. … Continue reading

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Potential Use of Herbs in Sports Nutrition

Interestingly, there appears to be lots of evidence regarding different herbs, and their ability to enhance physical performance. I’m surprised nobody has mustered up an organic recovery formula, or pre-workout that’s actually quite ‘good’ for you. And marketed as such.  With lots of beefcakes … Continue reading

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