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Alternatives to Caffeine – Energy & Alertness

Summary For more short term stimulant-like effect – supplement with ALCAR, Olive Leaf Extract or PQQ For alleviating some of the effects of stress & sleep deprivation – supplement an adaptogen like rhodiola rosea & take 3g of glycine before … Continue reading

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Treating Muscle Pain & Joint Pain

From over-training, to general stress & anxiety, muscle pain & joint pain are increasingly common complaints. Pain can be a direct cause of depression and anxiety, but equally mental health issues including stress, can be the cause of the pain. … Continue reading

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Potential Use of Herbs in Sports Nutrition

Interestingly, there appears to be lots¬†of evidence regarding different herbs, and their ability¬†to enhance¬†physical¬†performance. I’m surprised nobody has mustered up an organic recovery formula, or pre-workout that’s actually quite ‘good’ for you. And marketed as such. ¬†With lots of beefcakes … Continue reading

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